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Can the Obama Campaign Continue to Play Victim?

The Obama campaign has made a habit of crying victim. Whether it was claims of cheating during the Saddleback debates, outrage at the Celebrity commerial, or unfounded claims that the McCain campaign was trying to scare people because Obama doesn’t look like the presidents on the dollar bill. There has been a constant cry of foul coming from the Obama camp. This continues as Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan states,

“In running the sleaziest campaign since South Carolina in 2000 and standing by completely debunked lies on national television, it’s clear that John McCain would rather lose his integrity than lose an election,”

Unfortunately for Mr. Sevugan, this statement is melodramatic but not accurate. The dirtiest part of the South Carolina campaign was that Senator McCain’s family/daughter was slimed. There has been no personal or family attacks by the McCain campaign. One of the complaints with the Swift Boat ads in 2004 was that it was done by a third party. Senator McCain has stood behind all the ads he has run, and has denounced 527 advertising. Senator McCain has worked to improve campaign rules over the years, he called for townhall style debates with Senator Obama, which Senator Obama has refused. Senator Obama didn’t even keep his promise to take public funding, as Senator McCain did. Finally, while some McCain ads have hit hard so do some Obama ads, and the claim of innocence by the Obama campaign is false.

He was called out earlier for saying, incorrectly, that Mr. McCain supported a “hundred-year war” in Iraq after Mr. McCain said in January that he would be fine with a hypothetical 100-year American presence in Iraq, as long as Americans were not being injured or killed there.

“More recently, Mr. Obama has been criticized for advertisements that have distorted Mr. McCain’s record on schools financing and incorrectly accused him of not supporting loan guarantees for the auto industry — a hot topic in Michigan. He has also taken Mr. McCain’s repeated comments that American economy is “fundamentally sound” out of context, leaving out the fact that Mr. McCain almost always adds at the same time that he understands that times are tough and “people are hurting.”

Senator Obama has had some success in the past with crying foul, evidenced by his race against Senator Clinton. However, now that the left has had a melt-down over the Palin VP nomination they have likely nullified the Obama campaign’s victim status. The arguent that Obama is being smeared is much harder to make when the Republican’s VP has been the taget of a myriad of nasty and personal attacks. It’s a continuing irony that the far left damages their own candidate with their sleazy and over-zelous behavior.

Quotes from NY Times

14 Responses to “Can the Obama Campaign Continue to Play Victim?”

  1. If anyone is the “victim” I think it’s McCain. Especially after Obama’s new tastless add in which he makes fun of McCain’s war wounds.


    Obama, after making this ad, has no right to play the victim.

  2. Obama and his team are simply amateurs. You win the next job by showing you can do it not by complaining about the other guy. The classic was McCain’s Ad during the DNC convention; all class, presidential material.

    Obama’s team has no class. The collapse was inevitable. The whining is only a symptom of a more fundemental problem.

  3. Obama can do only two things: rallies and playing the race aka victim or whining card..

  4. -it has gotten to the point of absurd-I always keep my eye on CNN though now I have to “force” myself-so I know what they are spewing out-the poll of polls says mccain is only up 1%-from the same people that said all that matter were electoral votes-but now that mccain has jumped in the 200s in electoral votes-that has to be ignored-as does the climb of the republicans in congressional races-then they actually do an article saying that obama voted exactly the same way mccain did therefore—therefore what-you guys have been spending millions to tell the country mccain is actually bush-their arguments are only going to work with people desperate to support obama and people who don’t have 2 seconds to reflect-

    AND this victim stuff is ENOUGH to make a person buckle over in laughter—they have attacked Palin on personal issues and never insisted on a anywhere near decent explanation for obama’s very dubious “friends” —they have insisted they want to talk about issues but never highlighted obama’s record -the fact that obama refuses to debate the issues-I can easily find an article with the items palin put on her expense account-but I can’t find the most basic info on obama-but he is the victim-he is who they are protecting-they are hitting never before seen lows as admitted by people on the left-the victims are palin her family and McCain-but the facts do eventually come out so their best efforts to victimize are not producing the results they so desperately want so they are accusing their victims of doing what they are doing-it is 4 year old level stuff-and GOOD on McCain and Palin for going on the liberal media putting up with attacks and calmly standing their ground-

    the facts do actually help-despite what the image makers of the ONE who parts the waters and heals the organic artificial intelligence they are using-creating the image of something is not the same as being able to do it or doing it -they seem to have skipped philosophy 101 and economics 101 not to mention ethics 101

  5. It is part of the leninist playbook for the aggressor to play the victim. A significant number of Russians bought the lie in 1917. I don’t think that we are desperate enough to fall for it here. Not yet.

  6. Overproduced DNC convention meant to mask all the weaknesses and the void that is Barack Obama. We all know full well that a candidate picks a VP running mate to complement what he is missing; therefore, choosing Joe Biden is a blatant admission by Obama that he himself is not ready to be president.
    If Obama, as he stated in his speech, really “puts the country first,” then he would not be running for president now. He would step aside and let someone qualified run it, just as a novice brain surgeon would not operate on someone he loves but would defer the job to the more experienced and competent. That’s true love! Perhaps Obama should first “go through the federal budget, line by line” before he runs for president and not do his homework on the people’s clock. If Obama really put this country and the will of voters first, Hillary Clinton would be his running mate. But, he didn’t care to put the voters, those very people who make up the country, first. He came first. Obviously, he was afraid and threatened by Hillary Clinton. As such, how can we trust he can take on Ahmadinejad and the other great threats facing this country if he’s fearful of “the woman in the traveling pantsuits”? behind the safety of rhetoric, Obama said in his acceptance speech that: “As commander in chief, I will never hesitate to defend this nation.” His actions, however, have told another story. As a senator and a churchgoing congregant, he didn’t even have the courage to verbally defend this country from the hateful bashing of Rev. Wright for over 20 years.
    In 2004, Obama said: “There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America – there’s the United States of America.” If those were his views then – in 2004 – why didn’t he ever give that same speech to Rev. Wright or his congregation? Why did it take him only one term to find egregious wrongs in the Bush administration but 20 years to see what’s wrong with his reverend? Did he put his country first then? I’d say 20 years is no short hesitation to rise up in defense of his beloved country, which Rev. Wright, as we have all seen by now, so hatefully damned.
    As I’ve said before: If you’re in the pew, you share the view.
    And finally, if I were a black voter in this country, I would be incensed by Obama’s blatant omission of Martin Luther King’s name during his speech this past Thursday. He never referred to him by name but rather as “a young preacher from Georgia.” He mentioned everyone else’s name, the Clintons, his wife and kids, Biden – why not MLK? It was MLK’s suffering and sacrifices that made it possible for Obama to pursue and realize his owns dream. On the confluence of those two historic days, the anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech and the nomination of the first black presidential candidate in history, why did Obama leave his name out? Is he ashamed to be black, or was he pandering to the whites? Either way, he did wrong. Who else will Obama’s ambitions toss by the wayside .That, among other things, has led me to nickname Mr. Barack Obama “Chicken Little”: He is a chicken, and he’s done so little. And Mr. Obama, the sky is not falling, but indeed if you feel it bumping against your head, maybe it’s because your ego is in the clouds and that you’re surrounded by too many sycophantic dim-lit stars.

  7. The Obama campaign should quit lamenting and go back to business - and here I remind them the secret weapon they have they forgot about - the return of Michelle Obama who has instantly and completely vanish after Sarah Palin’s apparition on the scene.

    So, isn’t a legitimate question to ask where is this person who can help so much the liberal cause - yes,,where is Michelle Obama?
    What happened with her since Sarah Palin’s nomination? Why the Obama campaign is doing now, during these, clearly trying times for them, the suicidal act of keeping Michelle, such a certified liberal asset, out of nation’s and media’s sight?

    Wouldn’t mister Obama’s wife and confidante, such an accomplished, sophisticated professional woman like Michelle (a hardworking hospital community outreach officer making a well deserved 260 K), provide for the Dem ticket the necessary balancing, neutralizing act when juxtaposed in news to a rank arriviste like Sarah Palin? Of course it would!
    Wouldn’t Michelle Obama’s mere presence (boy! hasn’t this woman fought her way up through academia and institutions!), offer America the relieving image of a woman of character and talent, whose achievements would instantly dwarf that shameless impostor from Alaska? Of course it would!
    Wouldn’t Michelle’s image and achievements when contrasted with Palin’s give the ultimate burnish of legitimacy to the liberals’ claim of progressism and open-mindedness? Of course it would!

    So where is Michelle Obama? The nation and the Obama campaign need her now! Why the media keeps mum about this glaring absence? A cospiracy? If so, what do they try to hide? Or, all the merits I, and the media, have assigned to her are simply… imaginary? And the fawning treatment Michelle Obama got from media was simply… rank, politicaly correct partisanship?
    And the arrogant and dissmissive treatment Sarah Palin received from Gibson and his liberal acolytes is part of the liberals’ campaign to disparage and diminish her merits?


  8. Jack, I think you’re dead on. It’s the general election and Obama still hasn’t been vetted by the media. I can’ really blame Obama for that, of course you don’t announce your own shortcomings in a political campaign. That’s the media’s job, and flat out haven’t done their job. Up until this election I think the media bias argument could have been argued in different ways; but this election has just flat out shown the media as inept and in-the-tank.

  9. Redmanrt,

    “It is part of the leninist playbook for the aggressor to play the victim.”

    Absolutely true. Democrats love to claim they are victims, and claim they speak for victims, because all of the rhetorical advantages they gain. See my Victim Privilege List

  10. McCain cannot use a computer, he is out of touch with today’s technogogy; even the GOP was not interested in backing McCain until he put a babe on the ticket. (Rush’s description of Palin). Democrats aren’t crying foul, we just want the truth to be told. Do any of you use factcheck.org? Why not check out who is running a honest and dishonest campaign. The one thing that gives me comfort is that the Republican base party is a dying group, in fact several so called Republicans are so disinchanted with GOP they have changed their affiliation.

  11. Please, this is no in between group. It walks and talks like a Republican, and you all with exception to those of you who wear lipstick.

  12. I think Obama is doing a great job running his campaign, he has the best advisors too. Give the suggestions to McCain on running his campaign, he can use it. Now that he has added Sarah, now what? He still hasn’t discussed the issues. What reform? Obama has run the most successful campaign to date. When the dust has settled and the sh&t hits the fan we will see who is still standing, Palin will go down on her knees and pray to God for forgiveness. The majority of Americans refuse to give McBushCain another 4 year term and the possibility that he could die in office and leave us saddled with Palin is the worst display of judgement in US history. Michelle Obama has 2 small children, and she is not interested in a pit bull fight with Palin. Mrs. Obama is a lady who made the decision to put her children first. Do not degrade her choice to do so. Sarah Palin has a teenage daughter who is pregnant and a special needs child, no one is begrudging her choice to put her career first.

  13. Sheila, I can sertainly understand why you would be skeptical of the sites political leaning. I’m often skeptical of what I read online too. However, I have been very up front about being a NH Independent who went to see 4 Dems and 3 Reps during the primaries, who was won over by Senator McCain. If you’d like you can check back in the archives. I supported Sentor McCain even when it looked like his campaign was dead last year.

    Anyways, I stick by the article. The Obama campaign (heavily aided by the media) consistently cries foul when none has been comitted. The computer ad is not only silly and pointless, but it turns out to be a bit crass as there are several reports from LA Times, Boston Globe, etc. that Senator McCain doesn’t use a computer because of his war injuries.

    If you’re happy with Senator Obama’s campaign, I’m happy for you. It just seems to me that his victim status is wearing thin, particularly after the media’s melt down over the Palin pick.

    BTW - Polls show Independents have been breaking heavily towards McCain in the last few weeks. So I’m not the only Indy McCain supporter out there.

  14. To everyone who keeps saying that Obama is playing the vicitm, PLEASE give concret examples of this because I just don’t see it.

    I see McCain’s campaign, right out of the gate, whining about how mean they are to Palin. Well, hells bells, if she can’t take media scrutiny, how would she ever handle any major national or world castastrophe.

    You won’t a VP that can’t be questioned or do you want a VP that is woman enough or man enough to take it like it will surely come to them?

    As a woman, I don’t want to be embarrassed by watching a whiney ass telling me she wants the job but she can’t handle being questioned by the press.

    Forget it……….Next woman please

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