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    -Pro Small Government, bureaucracies tend to be wasteful and inefficient.

    -Government should not be the morality police.

    -Less waste, lower taxes. Taxes are okay if spent wisely. Roads and schools need funding. Be smart with my money and I won't complain.

    -Government shouldn't babysit adults. Help kids and assist people who have serious problems, but stop trying to protect everyone from themselves.

    -Foreign policy should be conducted by people with brains and experience. Think, don't be reckless and don't be politically motivated. Remember that the U.S. is not the only country in the world.

    -Tone down the rhetoric and remember your manners. Play nicely and don't belittle people who disagree with you.

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Bill Clinton Not the Best Obama Surrogate

A condensed version of President Clinton’s appearance on the View.

Anyone else think President Clinton likes McCain better than Obama?

4 Responses to “Bill Clinton Not the Best Obama Surrogate”

  1. I don’t think that Bill Clinton likes McCain better, but I do think that there is some bad blood between the Clintons and Barack Obama since the Democratic preliminaries.

  2. Clinton does what a good lawyer does with a bad case. He admits the obvious, that the facts look bad for his client, and then tries to show that they are no longer relevant.

    There is just so much one can do with bad facts. As Clinton virtually said, I’m just a surrogate, an advocate, a lawyer, a Democrat.

  3. post the video of the dailyshow w/ jon stewart on 9-23 where Clinton says un-categorically that he thinks Obama is the better choice and he wants Obama to win.

  4. Also the video of Clinton with Larry King saying that Obama is the better candidate.

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