Posted by: kmorrison33 | September 22, 2008

McCain Winning Over Women

The article ‘McCain closes huge gap on key question for women’ states that women are connecting much better with the McCain/Palin ticket since the VP selection.

Since picking Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has obliterated what had been a 34-percentage-point deficit in a poll of likely women voters on the question of which candidate has a “better understanding of women and what is important” to them.

The two are now effectively tied, with McCain’s 44 to 42 percentage lead within the margin of error of the most recent poll conducted by pollsters Kellyanne Conway and Celinda Lake for Lifetime Television. In Lifetime’s July poll, women preferred Barack Obama on the same question by nearly three-to-one— 52 to 18 percent.

It goes on to state that approximately 25% of female Clinton supporters also agree that McCain/Palin understands what is important to them better than Obama/Biden. Thus showing that Senator Biden’s statement that Hillary Clinton would have likely been a better VP choice than him is true. Palin has amped up the energy level of the campaign, and McCain/Palin are drawing the same sized crowds as Obama (and possibly more according to National Review and Fox). In a crazy race McCain/Palin are making significant inroads into what is considered to be a key demographic.



  1. Clinton Dems continue to move away from Obama. As his dirty campaign tactics (used against his own party, but just coming to light now) are revealed for public consumption.

    The “astroturfing” and race baiting that went unquestioned during the primary season are now coming to light. Democrats are being hurt by these strategies. I hope that the awakening continues.

    Democrats cannot afford to reward the kinds of behaviours that gave Obama this nomination.

    Ask Rep. Kernell’s family about that… I’m sure they are thrilled that their 20 year old bloggerboy son is under investigation by the FBI.


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