Posted by: kmorrison33 | November 7, 2008

Other Disappointments…

No surprise, though disappointing, Harry Reid is stating that Senator Lieberman may be out as the head of Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.  We can only hope for more politicians like Senator Liebermen to emerge who follow their convictions instead of their party when making decisions.  Senator Lieberman had to know his political career would likely take a hit for his support of Senator McCain, he did anyway, and he did it graciously with a smile and good humor.

The other big disappointment of this election is that Representative Christopher Shays lost his seat in Connecticut.  There are no Republicans representatives in New England anymore.  Mr. Shays is as moderate a Republican as they come.  He’s been critical of his own party at times and broken with his party on issues like the environment and campaign finance reform.  His loss shows clearly that this was simply the Democrats year, as one of the good ones lost his seat in the process.


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