Posted by: kmorrison33 | January 11, 2010

Change in Tact - An Independent Call Going Online started as a way for me to blog about the presidential campaign as an Independent New Hampshirite who became a McCain supporter and volunteer.  It was an education for me as I had the opportunity to meet the candidates, see numerous town halls, and even attend a National Convention.  Yet the reasons for becoming an Independent more than ten years ago still remain, and I’ve realized that I am ill suited as a political blogger.  I have very little interest in convincing people to think the way I do.  I’m not an idealogue, and I don’t think the best political ideas come from idealogues.  I’m mild mannered - I’m not an angry person and have no interest in becoming one.

In short, I’m fascinated by political issues, but exhausted by the way they are address.  Therefore, I’m going to change tact, and try some non-political fiction writing.  Instead I will be using Purple People Vote as a forum to post the contents of my book ‘An Independent Call.’  The goal in both writing ‘An Independent Call’ and in now posting it online is to show that there can be some good in politics, along with some humor, and to show that one can whole-heartedly support one candidate without hating another. 

Thanks to all who have read and/or commented on my articles over the last few years, hope you enjoy the book as well.


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