Posted by: kmorrison33 | September 27, 2010

Anyone Else Find BP’s Ads Insulting?

Whenever a BP ad comes on TV my reaction is the same - ’Seriously?’  Obviously BP is in need of some serious PR repair, and of course they’re trying to improve their image after the Gulf spill.  However, BP’s claims that they are going to make things right, and that they are out searching for the spilled oil, rings hollow.  Saying that they are having trouble finding oil to clean up is absurd, and rather insulting to the viewer’s intelligence.  The only way they could be having trouble finding oil to clean up is if Mr. Magoo is their chief  ‘oil finder.’  By the way, I can’t be the only one who remembers the pre-Gulf-spill commercials about BP standing for ‘Beyond Petrolium,’ and how they billed themselves as the earth-friendly energy company.  Their credibility is shot, and they ought to consider that before making any more commercials.  If they want the public to believe they have cleaned up their mess, and are doing the ‘right thing,’ then they need to bring in some one or some group that is independent and impartial to report on these claims. 

That brings me to what I really find baffling about the Gulf spill.  Why is there so little public data?  Who is holding BP to account, and where does the clean up process stand?  Random statements seem to float out of the media about the size and impact of the spill, and a few statements from environmental groups also seem to come up from time to time.  However, from a viewer’s perspective it seems like there is a little guessing, but few facts.  How could the worst environmental disaster in history simply be ignored.  Where is the media, and where did the government go?  While I don’t believe most Americans will fall for BP’s line of roses and sunshine, they also are the only ones we’re hearing from at this time, and I’d just like to ask the media and the U.S. governement - ‘Why?’

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