• Welcome Purple People

    To me Purple People are those of us who are neither Republican Red nor Democrat Blue; we find ourselves in between. The internet often represents those on the far left or the far right; this site is for those of us in the middle.

    Since there are a variety of non-conformists that consider themselves Independents, here's a clarification. The point of view of this blog is basically Realist/Libertarian light...

    -Pro Small Government, bureaucracies tend to be wasteful and inefficient.

    -Government should not be the morality police.

    -Less waste, lower taxes. Taxes are okay if spent wisely. Roads and schools need funding. Be smart with my money and I won't complain.

    -Government shouldn't babysit adults. Help kids and assist people who have serious problems, but stop trying to protect everyone from themselves.

    -Foreign policy should be conducted by people with brains and experience. Think, don't be reckless and don't be politically motivated. Remember that the U.S. is not the only country in the world.

    -Tone down the rhetoric and remember your manners. Play nicely and don't belittle people who disagree with you.

    Moderates Also Welcomed
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Why Become A Politician?

After the NYT article ran last week a question popped into my mind as it has done several times before; ‘Why would anyone in his or her right mind become a politician?’ There’s been such a degradation in political discourse and journalistic standards that good people may start turning away from politics simply because [...]

Why the Left and the Right Should be Upset About the NYT Story

The major problem with the New York Times story is that it set out to prove a rumor. Both Democrats and Republicans and any other reasonable thinking human being should expect news sources not to spread unsubstatiated rumors regarding a public person’s personal life. While there has been discussions about whether this is liberal [...]

Addressing the Politics of Iraq

After following the primaries the one issue that I’m convinced that the Republicans are right about, and that Senator McCain is really right about is Iraq and foreign policy. If Senator McCain is given fifteen minutes to explain himself, it becomes clear that his position is the most humane for the Iraqi people, the [...]

McCarnival - McCain Wrap Up

The first McCarnival for McCain ….. from McCainBlogs
Some people are saying they need a reason to vote for McCain. Well, if you are looking for a reason you can find several at Sanity102. Malia writes Give me a reason to vote for McCain, how’s this? She then cites several excellent reasons including his stance on [...]

Reintroducing John McCain

One of the reasons many people have been won over to Senator McCain even when they don’t agree with him on all issues is his incredible personal story. While most people know of his military service, I think some forget what a remarkable life he has lead. The following video illustrates some of [...]

McCain Blogger Call 2/13

Much of this blogger call revolved around the current state of the race. Should Huckabee get out? Who would Senator McCain choose as VP? How would he unite the party? The short answer is; he respects and likes Governor Huckabee it’s up to him to decide whether he wants out; he [...]

American Extremism

One of the reasons I am an Independent is because I feel the far edges of the two parties are hurting both their party and their country. The recent attacks on Senator McCain by some conservative talk show hosts have illustrated this point. Ann Coulter in particular has made such over the top [...]

John McCain A Different Type of Conservative

I read this morning that Ann Coulter would rather support Hillary Clinton than John McCain, and my reaction was ‘that’s fine with me.’ I don’t mind Ann Coulter abandoning the Republican nominee, not because she’s a conservative, but because she is often mean-spirited. One doesn’t have to be Liberal to think her attacks [...]