• Welcome Purple People

    To me Purple People are those of us who are neither Republican Red nor Democrat Blue; we find ourselves in between. The internet often represents those on the far left or the far right; this site is for those of us in the middle.

    Since there are a variety of non-conformists that consider themselves Independents, here's a clarification. The point of view of this blog is basically Realist/Libertarian light...

    -Pro Small Government, bureaucracies tend to be wasteful and inefficient.

    -Government should not be the morality police.

    -Less waste, lower taxes. Taxes are okay if spent wisely. Roads and schools need funding. Be smart with my money and I won't complain.

    -Government shouldn't babysit adults. Help kids and assist people who have serious problems, but stop trying to protect everyone from themselves.

    -Foreign policy should be conducted by people with brains and experience. Think, don't be reckless and don't be politically motivated. Remember that the U.S. is not the only country in the world.

    -Tone down the rhetoric and remember your manners. Play nicely and don't belittle people who disagree with you.

    Moderates Also Welcomed
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Julia Child: OSS Spy, Nazi Fighter, Great Chef

Famed chef Julia Child served in an international spy ring.

We Are All Georgians

WSJ Opinion by John McCain

McCain: Today We Are All Georgians

John McCain Russia and Foreign Policy

Politico article John McCain’s long war on Russia gives an excellent review of Senator McCain’s current and past positions on the U.S.’s relations with Russia.
While virtually every other world leader called for calm in Georgia last Thursday morning, John McCain did something he’s done many times during his career in public life: He condemned Russia.
Within [...]

Georgia / Ossetia / Russia - Background and Info

Here are some blogs and articles that provide background, information, and news about the current conflict and the history of the current conflict in Georgia, Ossetia, and Russia.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Georgia - Blogger Report
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Georgia - WordPress Report
South Ossetia History of the Conflict
Russia Invades Georgia Again
Foreign Policy Passport

Statement by John McCain on the Crisis in Georgia

Statement by John McCain on the Crisis in Georgia
ARLINGTON, VA — Today, in Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S. Senator John McCain delivered the following statement regarding the current conflict between Georgia and Russia:
“Americans wishing to spend August vacationing with their families or watching the Olympics may wonder why their newspapers and television screens are filled with images [...]

McCain: Russia, Georgia, Ossetia

It’s Particularly A Moment Where John McCain Can Claim To Have Been Prescient

Tight Polls: McCain Shows his Expertise on Iraq

The UK Times article, The doubts starting to rein back Obama gives a possible explanation for polls being tight in a supposedly ‘Democratic’ year.
My view is that McCain was always the most appealing Republican in the current atmosphere and Obama is, for many people, a less well-known and riskier bet. But two factors are undervalued. [...]

Candidates React to Russia’s Invasion of Georgian Territory

McCain Reacts to Russian Invasion of Georgian Territory

Obama Reacts to Russian Invasion of Georgian Territory

Statement by John McCain on Russia’s Aggression in Georgia

Statement by John McCain on Russia’s Aggression in Georgia
“Today, news reports indicate that Russian military forces crossed an internationally-recognized border into the sovereign territory of Georgia. Russia should immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all forces from sovereign Georgian territory. What is most critical now is to avoid further confrontation between Russian [...]