Posted by: kmorrison33 | April 18, 2013

Hoyts Came within a Mile of the Boston Marathon Finish Line

The Hoyts have provided Boston with inspiration for years.  Yesterday the Hoyts were running great  when the race was stopped, and spectators provided them with help and a ride…

Quoted from Mass Live Team Hoyt - Rick and Dick Hoyt - stopped 1 mile short of Boston Marathon finish line; inundated with support from public

As a tribute to those who lost their lives and as an example to those responsible for Monday’s bombing about the spirit and strength of America, the elder Hoyt says it would be an honor for them to finish the race one day.

“I think it will mean a lot to lot of people,” Dick Hoyt said by telephone Tuesday morning. “If they ask us, we are ready.”

Known as Team Hoyt, the 73-year-old father and his 51-year-old son have been running and competing in triathlons and marathons for more than three decades, inspiring people around the world with their story of perseverance.

Over the past 18 hours, Dick Hoyt said, he and Rick Hoyt have been deluged by well-wishers, supporters and members of the media clamoring for their perspective on the marathon bombing.

The Hoyts’ run on Monday was halted about a mile short of the finish line in downtown Boston, and the Hoyts were only able to make it back to their hotel thanks to a helpful bystander with an SUV who volunteered to give them a ride.

Via Rambling Web

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