Posted by: kmorrison33 | September 16, 2014

The NFL a very Profitable Non-Profit

While it may be considered ‘piling on’ to kick the NFL while it’s down, citizens should realize that the NFL is a tax-exempt non-profit.  This isn’t true for the individual franchises, but it is for the League itself as it is listed as a trade organization.

It’s questionable whether this could ever be changed when the NFL, and other pro-sports leagues in the same boat, wield considerable power in Washington, but at minimum people should know who is getting cut a break on taxes.

New York Times - End the N.F.L. Tax Breaks
CNBC - Tax-exempt? The NFL’s nonprofit status by the numbers
Sports On Earth - The People vs. NFL Welfare
Washington Post - Why Congress will never take back the NFL’s tax break

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