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Huffington Post Has Lost Its Mind

 Bill Press of the Huffington Post is accusing John McCain of racism in his latest ad. 

It’s a somewhat tamer version of the white bimbo ad used so successfully against Harold Ford in Tennessee. In juxtaposing Barack Obama with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, the McCain campaign is simply trying to plant the old racist seed of black man hitting on young white woman. Not directly, but subliminally and disgracefully.

Really? The McCain campaign is alluding to a relationship between Spear, Hilton, and Obama? Even the biggest conspiracy rumor prone gossip blogger is thinking ‘that’s a stretch’. Here’s the ad…

What the ad is saying is that Senator Obama has become full of himself, and is enamoured by his own celebrity. Particularly after his comment that, “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America.” This isn’t just the view of the McCain campaign, many are seeing this trend*.

Left wing blogs have shown recently that they are willing to publish anything. Whether it is ridiculing the death of a well respected Republican, or mocking the illness of a conservative journalist. It shouldn’t be surprising that the Huffington Post would stoop to charges of racism even when the Obama campaign flattly stated that the McCain campaign was not making race as an issue. However, it is an unfortunate trend on lefty blogs that anything is permissible in persuit of votes.

*The Audacity of Ego - Boston Globe
What Did Obama Tell House Democrats About His Symbolism? - ABC News
Obama Arrogance Watch - Boston.com
Is Obama’s Ego Out of Control Dallas Morning Views
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5 Responses to “Huffington Post Has Lost Its Mind”

  1. Mr. Obama should issue a statement to make sure that everybody understands that he has no interest whatsoever in Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

  2. The ad is fine and, considering the liberals’ panicky reaction, it looks like it bull’s eye hit - and this is the direction on which McCain should go.
    As far as juxtaposing Obama with Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, there is a sad truth in there - if, god forbid! the liberals would be given the opportunity to vote Britney and Paris for the US presidency they sure would do so - so, aux armes, citoyens! the country faces great dangers!

  3. It does seem more and more people are seeing this. The people at HuffPo seem to have collectively lost their minds and perceive exactly what they wish to see.

    I used to like dipping into the website, but now the partisan wishful thinking and second guessing of other peoples viewpoints has truly disgusted me.

    They actually think this “race issue” is playing well for Obama, that a lot of normal, average, common or garden Americans actually like being called racist for daring to have doubts with regards to Obama.

    I thought McCain had problems, but if this carries on I can’t see him losing. The name calling and smears has to stop. I sat on my hands when Bill got besmirched, but I’m damned if I’m going to watch it again and say and do nothing.

    Sorry for the rant, guess I had to vent!

  4. They lost their minds a long time ago, when the primary started Huffington was always anti Hillary, I couldn’t understand it then, but I was supporting Edwards so I just stopped going to the post, I didn’t like Huffington when she was a Republican and I like her even less as a Democrat. She must be part of the New UnDemocratic Party.

    Country before Party!!

  5. We’re very close to losing any meaning to the term, racism. HuffPo’s reading of the ad is seriously twisted. I wonder how they interpreted the fainting Obama girls back in the early days of the the campaign?

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