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No Air In Obama’s Energy Argument: Obama Voted for Bush Energy Plan Not McCain

The AP article Critical of McCain, Obama quiet on own energy vote states the problem with Obama trying to tie Senator McCain to the Bush administration’s energy plan…

In stumping Tuesday in this key battleground state, Obama sought to link the troubled economy with Republican policies and offer his own energy plan in contrast. He has tried to cast McCain as more concerned about oil company profits and drilling than an overall energy strategy.

However, Obama himself voted for a 2005 energy bill backed by Bush that included billions in subsidies for oil and natural gas production, a measure Cheney played a major role in developing. McCain opposed the bill on grounds it included billions in unnecessary tax breaks for the oil industry.

The Obama campaign has said the Illinois senator supported the legislation because it included huge investments in renewable energy.

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds, said, “Barack Obama is opposed to offshore drilling and is also opposed to admitting that he voted for the same corporate giveaways for Big Oil that he’s campaigning against today.”

The other Obama complaint that is falling flat is that the McCain campaign has accepted campaign money from the oil companies. While that is a factual statement it conveniently leaves out the fact that the Obama campaign has also received money from big oil.

One Response to “No Air In Obama’s Energy Argument: Obama Voted for Bush Energy Plan Not McCain”

  1. Been saying that for awhile now, but was people listening? Obama is moving more towards President Bush while John McCain has moved away. At least we can trust McCain and have a 20-25 year voting record that we can look at his track record where as Obama has not much experience at all and a very short voting record that already don’t look good!

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