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Obama as Victim

The Obama campaign’s recent accusation that the McCain campaign would scare people by stating, “He’s got a funny name. You know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills, you know. He’s risky. That’s essentially the argument they’re making,”  came on the heals of left-wing blogs losing their nut over the ads Celeb, and The One.  Thus the question whether the Obama campaign is playing victim grows stronger and stronger. 

A featured section on the Obama website is their ‘fight the smears’ campaign, which only lets your view the ’smears’ if you click on ’spread the truth’.  A truth conveniently provided to you by the campaign.  The site cleverly states “Help push back on the false and divisive methods of our opponents.”  So apparently the Obama campaign believes anyone who has ever challenged Senator Obama is ‘false and divisive’ as a majority of the ’smears’ that the campaign addresses started way before the general election.  The only ’smear’ that the Obama campaign attributes to the McCain campaign is that Senator Obama snubbed wounded troops because cameras were not allowed.  However, Senator Obama did snub wounded troops.  The only question is whether lack of cameras was the reason.  His own campaign still hasn’t been able to put together a coherent excuse for cancelling that visit. 

This ‘Fight the Smears’ campaign sounds on one hand noble, yet the whole logic behind it is to show Senator Obama as a victim and his ‘opponents’ as ‘false and divisive’ evil doers.  Senator Obama is cashing in on his victim status by reving up his supporters in his defense.  They are told go fight these unfair attacks.  Some of the attacks are unfair, but it could also be argued that summing up his oponents as ‘false and divisive’ unfair as well.  The capaigm achieves its goal not via bloggers, it’s achieved by showing Senator Obama as victim and his opponents as horrible ogres.  It is the divisive politics that Senator Obama claims to be against.  Yet he brilliantly markets himself as new, different, and clean, while telling everyone else that his oponents are dirty old school politicians.  The only problem is that when he accused Senator McCain of racist tactics without any evidence it revealed his own politics as being as dirty and lowball as they come.

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