Posted by: kmorrison33 | October 27, 2008

Poll Credibility

For those of us who don’t believe the polls a little added evidence that the pollsters don’t have a clue.

The last three polls for a McCain Obama match up in Arizona…

Rasmussen 10/26/08 500 LV 51 46 - - 2 1 +5R
Myers Res/Grove (D) 10/23-24/08 600 LV 44 40 2 3 3 - +4R
Zimmerman-MrktngIntell 10/16-19/08 408 LV 44 42 2 2 10 - +2R

Does anyone really think it’s close in Arizona? I think it’s safe to say Obama will take MA and CA, but it is also it safe to say Senator McCain will win his home state handily. I don’t even think the Obama campaign would dispute that. According to Senator McCain is doing better in West Virginia than he’s doing in Arizona. Numerous national polls right now are ouside each others margin of error. It appears pollsters are basically throwing darts at a dart board. I have no inside info on what the real numbers are, but I do know enough math to know that someone (or more than one someone) is full of it.


  1. I had no use for the media and their polls during the primaries, why in Heaven’s name would I hold them as scripture now? Polls can be made to show what the initiator intends them to show…thus, the media who is already in Obama’s pocket puts out polls favoring The One.

    Voters, forget the polls, do the research and get out there and vote!

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