Posted by: kmorrison33 | October 19, 2011

First In the Nation Primary - Why New Hampshire?

So it may seem like asking a Granite Stater why New Hampshire should have the first in the nation primary is sort of like asking someone from the Windy City why they think Chicago makes the best pizza. However, the only way to really understand the benefits of New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary is if you have experienced it. I have. I supported and volunteered for Senator McCain in his presidential bid. He won me over during the NH primaries. I joke that I’m an ‘Unrepentant McCain Supporter’ because if I had it all to do over again even knowing the results I would - I don’t regret one moment of it. I still think he was worth it.

Yet I am not compelled to participate in the same manner as last time. However, I am compelled to defend the process. This is a unique element of our political process that is worth keeping. First, let me defend a somewhat accurate criticism of the process, “It’s not fair.” Honestly, it’s not completely fair that NH gets this opportunity when other states don’t. The problem is that the fixes to make it fair don’t work. New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina are the three places where candidates have to meet, talk to, and take questions from actual voters. A national primary day, often described as a fair solution, actually means that presidential contenders no longer have to meet and address voters directly. It would make the process very similar to the general election where candidates with money buy ads and saturate the airwaves with what many consider hollow self-serving sound bites. This doesn’t address fairness; it simply means candidates no longer have to deal with real voters in a meaningful way.

Which brings us to the crux of this issue, why is this part of the process needed and important. The New Hampshire primaries are an important test of the candidates. It’s a sincerity test; can this candidate look me in the eye and honestly tell me why he/she should be leader of the free world? It’s a competency test; can the candidate explain their positions competently and clearly without talking down to the voter, or over simplifying their message? Also, can the candidate deal with the crazy protester in the back that starts wildly yelling when all the protester needed to do was raise their hand and ask their question? It’s a test of empathy and compassion; when a voter who disagrees with a candidate nervously tries to get their question out, does the candidate mow them down, or do they hear them out and address the voter’s concerns? None of these things are adequately addressed via TV. Voters need to meet the candidates in person and this is the point in the process where that’s done.

So why does New Hampshire have the first primary and not other states? First, is tradition - not tradition for tradition’s sake, but tradition because of the level and sincerity of participation. Generation after generation has gone to town halls to test the candidates, and many Granite Staters accept it as a duty and responsibility. By and large, they participate in significant numbers, and they test the candidates in a sincere and responsible manner.

Many states think they want to move up in the primary process, but their citizens are not invested in the manner that Granite Staters are. Do they really want the campaign phone calls a year and a half before the general election? Do they really want to spend their Saturday driving to see a candidate at a town hall that they may find out does not actually suit them? States want the attention that could come from a jump forward in the process, but have not shown that their citizens actually want the responsibility.

Also, there’s a logistics issue when states try to move forward in the process. The more that try to move up, the earlier the vote gets, the more crowded the calendar gets, the more the primary process starts to mimic general election politics and that unique test of the candidates is either watered down or lost.

So if you want to say I am biased, you’re right. I’m a New Hampshire voter and I want to preserve our unique tradition. However, the reason I want to preserve this tradition is not so that I can say that I have something you don’t. I want to preserve this tradition because it significantly enhances the presidential political process. It does benefit New Hampshire, but more importantly it benefits the country. This is an important first hurdle that gives candidates short on money a shot, and stops candidates short on sincerity, ideas, and motivation in their tracks. Don’t let this part of the presidential process evaporate, no one benefits from that in the end.


  1. What to do with my letters
    The state’s largest newspaper endorses Newt knowing the backstabbing he did to every person in the USA. Response letters to this paper will be censored for they are the other side. I am not Dem or Rep I vote for the person in each election for that is what our Military protect our right to do. Politicians no longer care about the people only how they themselves can take advantage of the system. The newspapers no longer care about the readers only how they can create power and more profit. Half-baked, biased news articles of manipulated truth to avoid libel claims destroy US citizen as they censor the opinion of the people. The most powerful facts censored is the NH Supreme Court refusal to hear a case documented by government records of a brother judge/attorney criminally violating the constitution to intentionally harm US Citizens. It is my God given right to tell the world of these wrongs even if it is the NHSC that is the criminal. Judge Peter Fauver used the people’s trusted power of the court to enable the Madbury NH selectmen to take from local resident for the selectmen’s personal gain. I have no place to go for even the courts are wrong. Just as they cannot stop me with court powers for then the truth will become public, their worst nightmare. The states largest newspaper refusal to tell the other view just is not right. The NH SC refused to hear the case.
    I write about US Military Veterans and the wrongs in the system by the Veterans Administration harming individuals covered over as if we never existed in the world. Most disabled veterans get great care by this very VA system but to eliminate those few is another view that must be told. The few range in the tens of thousands homeless or mentally disrupted by our actions to defend the greatest nation in the world. Our words are silenced as government uses our silent demons to frighten the public to believe the danger we pose to them. I have not violated the law but my letters make government officials do criminal acts to stop me. The newspapers refuse to print the other side for fear of alienation by the very politicians they want in office. I have been incrassated to stop my free speech.
    The newspapers censor my letters but my list of thousands each day that receive them just keeps growing. A few ask to be taken off my list but I refuse as I tell each one to call the police, government, secret service or who ever for the truth is a powerful weapon. Send a copy of my letters to the newspapers and ask how they can do this to the very citizens that gave their lives to protect the newspapers right to exist. The hundreds of US military Veterans that call or write me to ask me not to stop for they are unable to do the very thing that must be corrected to stop the (few) powerful people in government harming US Military veterans across the USA. They stop my medical care as a weapon to control my free speech>
    I am not vindictive or a violent person as the newspapers and government keep telling the public. I am a 100% disabled US Marine, (three of my four disabilities are combat related) needing you the public to forward my letters to the newspapers and everyone else and ask “How can this happen in the USA”?
    Newt you are just not the right person to lead the greatest nation in the world.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    465 Packers falls Rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217
    The other view censored for it’s content.

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