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Clinton Remarks Bolster McCain’s Claims That The ‘Race Card’ Was Played

Hot Air notes in their article, Why Bill Clinton may cheer John McCain that President Clinton’s remarks to ABC News that ‘he is not a racist’, clearly show dissatisfaction with the Obama campaign and the way he was treated during the primaries.

Democrats should take this as a hint that party unity will not be forthcoming, at least not beyond the superficial. Bill Clinton, at least, has not forgiven his treatment as a racial pariah during the latter part of the primary campaign, nor has his mood improved much. Neither he nor Hillary have rushed to Obama’s assistance yet, and except for the most cursory of statements of support, the Clintons have almost cloistered themselves over the last two months.

Ironically, Bill may find vindication in John McCain’s pushback on Barack Obama’s race-card play this week. McCain pounded Obama for the last several days after Obama accused McCain and Republicans for attacking him because he doesn’t “look like all those presidents on the dollar bills … and [he has] a funny name”. Even his own advisers were forced to acknowledge that Obama wasn’t talking about powdered wigs, and a majority of voters in a Rasmussen poll blamed Obama for smearing McCain.

As noted is a prior article Is It The Obama Campaign Strategy To Play Victim? this is developing into a pattern for the Obama campaign. A tactic that is willing to attack candidates on the left or the right without regard for facts. While President Clinton’s remark in South Carolina about Jesse Jackson opened the door for criticism, clearly he feels he was attacked unfairly. On the other hand, no one has come forward with any evidence of the McCain campaign made racially insensitive of divisive remarks at all. The Obama campaign has a lot of explaining to do, if they want to continue to market their candidate as full of hope and change.

3 Responses to “Clinton Remarks Bolster McCain’s Claims That The ‘Race Card’ Was Played”

  1. Bill Clinton was the victim. I cannot imagine why the Democrat Party and Obama, after their horrible and unfair treatment of President Clinton, really expects him to help Obama. It is crazy! If it were any of us with a knife put in our back, would we?

  2. To ABC Bill Clinton said this: “You know [Obama] hit her hard a couple of times and they hit us a few times a week before she ever responded in kind.” When I read this I immediately thought of Hillary bringing up Rezko during her 2nd debate and being stunned by the audacity of her hypocrisy.

  3. Much sympathy I never had for Bill & Hillary, but this time facts are glaring. Obama launches these attacks in order to amplify the intouchable bubble which covers him - intouchable bubble not only in race issues, but in any issues that he has to face. You question his past associations? Why - rotten racist, we can see here a patttern! You question his competence (in so many fields!) - why, rotten racist, we can see here a pattern! Etc., etc.
    As Geraldino Ferraro (and not only she) said, Obama is BIG TIME covered by the fact that he IS BLACK - and he is smartly extending the politically correct blanket covering him as much as he can, in any direction he can.
    It didn’t work this time, but he will do it anytime he’ll have the opportunity - a slimy weasel.

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