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Kerry’s Response to Celeb Ad False

It’s interesting to see that hysteria surrounding the Celeb ad persist.  The latest to overshoot the mark is Senator Kerry.  He said on Meet The Press this Sunday that this ad was intended to, “Destroy his [Obama's] character.”  Then Senator Lieberman stated that the ad questioned whether Senator Obama was ready to lead and it challenged him on off-shore drilling, Senator Kerry responded by saying, “No it doesn’t mention ready to lead.  It doesn’t mention off shore drilling. It is trying to insinuate that his celebrity is all he has.”  Actually the ad leads with question, “Is he ready to lead?” and is shortly followed by the statement, “Barack Obama says no to off shore drilling.”  The final part of Senator Kerry’s statement has some truth to it.  The ad is about Senator Obama’s celebrity status.  The left has been spinning in circles trying to figure out a way that it is dirty pool or character assasination; what the ad asks is if celebrity status really what matters in selecting a president. 

Kerry’s statement at 5:25 on the tape.

Celeb Ad

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