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12 Responses to “Bill Clinton Endorses John McCain Sort Of”

  1. Must have missed his speech tonight, sparky? I love people who claim to be independants, I read your left side and McCain violates 90% of your points. then I looked at your blog roll and realized you are either uninformed or just full of it.

  2. Barack ruined the Clinton’s chance at elbowing the Kennedys as the Democratic royalty. Haha! Poor bastard…I’d be pissed too.

  3. Actually Joe Bob I posted it before Clinton’s speech, as that is what Clinton said prior to his speech tonight. The blog roll consists mainly of sites left right and center who support Senator McCain, and I support him unapologetically. I don’t agree with him on all issues, but he is supremely qualified, and has a history of working a bipartisan manner.

  4. Actually, he has a history of working in his manner, telling everyone that disagrees with him to F off (even those in his own party). That’s not i partisan, it’s silly. And his 95% voting record is not all that special, he is more conservative than Bush. And what experience does he really have that qualify him to be preident? What major decisions has he made that make him show great leadership? Campaign finance reform that’s done nothing? His being for Rumsfeld and the”we will be greeted as liberators” BS before he was against it? I see a man who while I have no doubt he loves this country, has no cle about what it will take to get us out of this mess. The last 8 years have been an outright disaster, our banks are failing (and being bought out by foreign interests), the cost of living for almost every family has skyrocketed, investments have not moved an inch (when adjusted for inflationg, they are actually down), people are losng their homes, 33% of people who “own” homes owe more money on them then they are worth? And these are the policies he wants to move forward with.

  5. Joe Bob, I don’t usually engage professional dimwits…

  6. Insults are usually the last resort of intellectually bereft people who have no comebacks. thank you for showing your ass here on the blog traci, much appreciated, your ignorance shows through for all to see. At least I can make a point, all backed up with fact, without being childish and insulting.

  7. You know Traci L Joe Bob has a point,now get back to the kitchen.

  8. Joe Bob…you are not making sense….if mccain is not qualified and hasn’t proven he is ready to be president then YOU are making an EVEN stronger case that obama is not even vaguely close…and then contradict logic…you look first at who you think the person will vote for then you label and and stereotype him and then as a mind reader you attribute only superficial emotional reasons for that persons vote…what if a guy wants to vote for mccain because he has carefully looked over his record….THEN you make the error the democrats are making…the candidate and party that claimed they wanted to make it about ISSUES…keeps repeating these one line mantras…mcsame..DISCUSS THE ISSUES MAN…the simple solution for your candidate and party would have been to meet and discuss…it would have saved a lot of $$$$$(a disgraceful waste)—but it has been no telepromoter no party for your man….keep throwing out one liners about what bad shape the country is in…if obama gets elected people will miss the Bush days…the man is clueless about economics….when the economy tanks the average people really get hurt…Soros won’t hurt Obama won’t hurt Rev Wright won’t hurt and the hollywood elite won’t hurt…..a 10% reduction in disposal income doesn’t hurt those people…ps the world hurts too because they all depend on the American economy….but you keep througing out the one liners

  9. Funny it almosy impossible to for Obama to screw up the economy Bush already done it , try another angle, foreign affairs already screwed too. USA can’t get an worst than it already is. Mccain not sure what day it is, how many homes he owns.

    O / 08

  10. Wow, Jack, that’s an awfully long post that states absolutely nothing. You managed an entire run on paragraph excorciating me to discuss the issues, you throw out one throw away line about the economy with no back up, but I’m confused? Um OK, couldn’t dispute my points little on, go back to the JV team.

  11. PS 22 primary debates in the books, 3 debates already signed, sealed and delivered. Wow, he’s really ducking it.

  12. Anybody can debate JB, show me 1 single real accomplishment of Obamas that has had any real impact? Here is a fact for you: while the academic useful idiots and the MSM fawned over Obama, he lost the majority of voting primaries in his own party, and was beaten as well in the popular vote. Another set of facts: never accomplished a thing in the Illinois legislature and hasn’t even completed 1 term in the US senate. How about some more? Hasn’t accomplished a thing while in the US senate-too busy talking & running for president. Look, noone expects those who can’t accomplish things to understand why those who can laugh at Obama’s credentials. We know the difference between someone who talks alot but does little, and we tend to lean toward those who talk less but do more. Thats the difference between Obama & McCain. Ones a talker, the other a proven do-er. Nuff said. Go back in your dark hole where u can study, write, debate and get nothing done.

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