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Can Anyone Name an Obama Accomplishment?

This question came up several months ago on Hardball when State Senator and Obama supporter Kirk Watson could not name a single accomplishment achieved by Senator Obama.  The question still looms large as the Democrats are struggling to come up with an Obama achievement.  He is an excellent speaker, but that’s a skill or trait not an accomplishment.  To listen to Senator Biden last night, one woud have thought Senator Obama’s participation in ethics reform was akin to landing on the moon.  When Governor Dukakis was interviewed on Fox, he was full of reasons that Republicans were horrible, but he also fished unsuccessfully for Obama accomplishments.

Here are some of John McCain’s accomplishments… 

Silver Star, Bronze Star, Captain in the Navy, Gang of 14, McCain/Fiengold, Chairman of the Commerce Committee, Chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee, Profile in Courage Award, Helped create the 9/11 commission, Co-Sponsored Climate Stewardship Act. 

17 Responses to “Can Anyone Name an Obama Accomplishment?”

  1. Thank you Purple People Vote -

    You’ve just reminded us the Democrats are willing to nominate an empty suit and and clean slate -

    except for his worrisome alliance with a known terriorist, William Ayers and his other associations of questionable character.



  2. fooling around with Larry Sinclair in a Greek temple… want more?

  3. Let me name a few Mccain Accomplishments that Obama does not have…..

    How about Keating five scandal, lying and cheating on a wife who bore him kids, stayed faithful to him even when everyone thought he was dead in Vietnam, waited for him for four long years and cheated on her when she lie crippled after an accident, how about not supporting veterans and opposing the first major GI bill by saying that giving veterans great benefits will actually cause them to leave after 3 years of service(strange argument, voting against raising minimum wage of those hardworking Americans 19 times, voting for a tax cut for the richest Americans in the midst of a war, sending American troops to die in Iraq on false reasons and beating the Iraqi war drum even before George Bush, refusing to go after Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan even after it was clear that Bin Laden was hiding there and shifting all our resources so Iraq, claiming that Barack Obama’s idea of shooting Bin Laden even without Pakistani permission if he was found , instigating Georgia to get belligerent against Russia to create a crisis before elections and getting paid for it bigtime, lobbying for companies that ship American Jobs overseas, lobbying for AirBus against Boeing etc…I can provide a lot more but I think this is enough to show grandpa’s bloody record and a shameless past!

  4. anant - That sounds like you can’t name any Obama accomplishments either.

  5. Well first, go read up. Obviously like your candidate you dont know how to use the computer either. I am not going to tell you about Obama’s accomplishments, it is upto you to go to the relevant websites and find out. You can start with barackobama.com.
    But, I can tell you a lot more about the adulterer, fornicator and American troop murderer John Mccain and his many houses.

  6. Classy. That the politics of hope or the politics of change speaking.

  7. How come you are unable to defend grandpa ? Who are you waiting for ? Swiftboating Karl Rove to give you talking points ?

  8. What is classy is your lack of ability to read and comprehend!

  9. More McCain accomplishments: Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, Safe Act legislation.

    Still can’t come up with one accomplishment for Obama can you?

  10. Interesting….they can’t answer the question either.

  11. anant, you are a joke. I figured kmorrison had given up wasting his time on you, but I would hate for you to think your argument is valid. FORGET Mccain for one minute, and explain or describe an accomplishment for Obama. He is the man you want to give the most important job in the world. Sending my to Obama’s website is an insufficient response. There is nothing about rev Wright, Ayers, Dorhn, Rezco, or anything unbiased there. You must support him for a reason other than his speaking ability, right?

  12. Obama supporters. They don’t know. And they don’t want to know.

    The most ignorant people I have seen in 40 years of following politics.

  13. John McCain commanded an air wing, he chose honor over saving his own skin in POW camp, he blew the doors off a scams that saves the US billions, he has many peices of legislation with his name on them. He was actually responsible for the ethics bill Obama claims to have worked on that in the end Obama torpedoed…and on and on…

    Obama is just a big fat zero… He has the judgement to hang around Ayres and Rezco and Write. He got into office by disqualifying everyone else.

  14. Well,

    Obviously Obama has accomplished a few things. He was elected as an Illinois state senator and as a Federal senator representing Illinois. I won’t get into the methods he used other than to point out that they were typical Chicago style methods which were about as low as one can get. He now has the accomplishment of having recieved his party’s nomination for the office of the President of the United States. I will give him those even though I despise his political philosophy.

    I think his “accomplishment” of being the “first African American” to be nominated by a major political party for the presidency is diluted a bit by his half-white status. That is unless we use old racist Southern standards as our guide. By those old standards I am not white either since I am almost one-half Native American Indian.

    My own objections to him rely on his personal philosophy as revealed by his past associations and political record. Since real accomplishments are a bit thin, folks are going to have to decide for themselves if they are enough or not.

  15. Bill Clinton named two last night; Obama “got through a long hard primary” and “he picked Joe Biden”. Biden named six; Obama “passed up Wall Street to become a community organizer”, and he worked on 3 legislative bill in Illinois State Senate, and 2 bills is Wash DC.
    If Biden, Dodd and Clinton thought Obama unready to be POTUS during the primaries can anyone tell me what Obamahas done since then to convince them that he is ready? I guess it depends on the meaning of the word “ready”.

  16. Picking Joe Biden is not anaccomplishment.

    Niether is passing up wall street to become a street organizer. Both were decisions instead. Check your history a bit closer and you will find his legislative “accomplishments” are a bit overstated. He fronted the Illinois ones. they were actually moved through the legislator by the majority leader because he was making “myself a Federal Senator.” Of course Barak did repay him by steering most his share of the Illinois pork to the man’s district. I guess you might be able to call that an accomplishment.

    I doubt Clinton, Dodd, or Biden think Obama any more qualified than they did before. Dodd and Biden probably see him as controllable when they get to the White House. Biden surely sees Obama as his own ticket to greater heights in the waning years of his political career. The Clintons are still looking to the future where they may still be able to manuver Hillary for another shot at the oval office. Win or lose they may see a way to accomplish their goal yet.

    I think most others are caught up in the historicity of the moment. I can’t blame them for misplaced enthusiasm over the possibility of an “African American” in the oval office for the first time in history. If Obama wasn’t so radical with his politics I might could get caught up in the emotion of the moment myself. But I don’t think the possibility important enough to ignore what really counts.

  17. Hussein Obama is about as useful as a wagon on square wheels.

    Why is it that when you hear any goofball or penal colony reject speak it turns out they are a Democrat and a Hussein Obama supporter as evidenced on that MTV “music re-wards” show. I hope more of those circus side show freak boys and girls endorse Hussein Obama. Every time they do that then McCain gets a little more bump.

    Those idiots outside of the conventions who were destroying property and trying to hurt others were like the poster children for a “See What Abstinence Prevents” promotion. Is that the best the Democrats have to offer is those unintelligent types of people who have no regard for others? In the words of a Democrat from a few years ago….”Can’t we all just get along?”

    Hussein Obama…When McCain and Palin finish with you it won’t be an issue of what you call a “Pig with lipstick.” It will be you squealing like a pig the day after the election when you are still hurting from that beating you took the day before. Then you will fade into obscurity just like that joke of a man Doug Wilder did from a few years ago.

    Go John McCain/Sarah Palin We are behind you 100%!!

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