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CNN Spins Again

CNN Headline, “Rove: McCain Went To Far”.  Now for the reality.  Rove said both campaigns were pushing their ads too far.  Don’t believe me, listen to the tape…

CNN apparently suffers from selective hearing as Karl Rove thought the lipstick remark was inappropriate and then he said both campaigns have taken their ads one step too far.  However, CNN is only interested in the part of the statement that is critical of McCain.  ‘The Most Trusted Name in News?’ Really?

4 Responses to “CNN Spins Again”

  1. CNN ’spin’ the news?

    Of course they do! They are right “down there” with MSNBC, NYT, Newsweek, and Time as far as ethical, professional reporting.

    What would this election be like ‘if’ the reporting were fair, objective, and balanced? A LOT different…

  2. CNN seems to be bipolar….it has more flashes of objectivity than it used to, but they are just flashes. Roberts and Soledud are too “MSM-brainwashed” and they spin CNN into the MSM-manic phase about every other day.

  3. ok so cnn looks like they have a left leaning spin. If you are truly outraged at this why are you not blogging about FOX and there more than obvious right leaning bias? I mean come on. Stop with the outrage. I understand you want your candidate to win but don’t put it on a site that says it is not red republican nor blue democrat. You do not come across as purple.

  4. The reason I focus on CNN is that I had previously thought that CNN at least tried to be balanced, but in this election they have been outright in the tank. I’ve never claimed that Fox isn’t bias, but why do I need to report on it when all the left leaning blogs complain daily about Fox, while the other network’s spin gets ignored? I also don’t bother reporting on MSNBC/NBC’s bias as it’s self-evident. I’ve been an Independent for over ten years and won’t apologize for it, or for supporting Senator McCain. Thanks for you comment.

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