What is ACORN and Obama’s Connection

ACORN and the economic crisis.

More Problems with ACORN and Obama’s Ties to ACORN

Obama ACORN connections

American Spectator: Pelosi Intentionally Tanked Economic Bill

Pelosi tanked economic bill intentionally.

Lou Dobbs: ACORN’s Freddie and Fannie Connections

Acorn’s connection with Fannie Freddie and the bailout deal.

Clean Coal Ad

Biden and clean coal

Obama Top Receiver of Freddie and Fannie Cash

Obama top recipient of Freddie and Fannie donations

A Pox on Both House Parties

Both parties could do the public favor and put a sock in it when it comes to all the politicking. There will be plenty of time for that, but if all the ‘experts’ are correct that this bill is urgent then Congressmen need to either grow a backbone or get a new job.

ACORN Out of Economic Bill

The revised version of the bill drops the housing trust fund, a source of possible abuse, and includes an insurance against taxpayer losses making it look to be a significantly stronger plan than the first version announced last week before House Republicans had signed on.

The Bracelet Debate Update

Her intent in giving Senator Obama the bracelet was so that he would know her son’s name, which brings us back to the original problem. Senator Obama had to read Sergeant Jopek’s name off his bracelet.

Family Upset Obama Wears Their Son’s Bracelet

News that the family doesn’t even want their son’s bracelet worn by the Senator, and are upset that Senator Obama uses Sergeant Jopek name in public, makes this appear to be an incredibly cold callous political move