Hatch and Matthews on Health Care and Political Perspective

This clip from the Chris Matthews Show is an interesting Rorschach test for ones political perspective. Posted by a liberal group, their perspective is that it shows that Republicans are unwilling to compromise, and just want to see the President fail. However, from the perspective of a fiscally conservative Independent, I see Senator [...]

John McCain On Iran and Afghanistan

Bank of America Severs Ties With ACORN

Some day it would be helpful to figure out how an organization so obviously shady, whose branches are routinely under indictment (or worse), could become so entrenched in both the government and in the markets, particularly the housing market. Until then, it good to see another ACORN relationship severed. Bank of America has [...]

Support For Obama Health Care Reform Continues to Drop

Rasmussen Reports polling shows, Health Care Reform - Support for Health Care Plan Hits New Low. The most likely health reform plan at this time is the Baucus plan, yet what health care reform means is still largely unknown as numerous amendments to this bill are under review including whether a public option [...]

White House Planning Full Court Press On Health Care

According to the New York Times, the White House is implementing a big health care push, and wil be pulling out all the stops to get its reform agenda passed…
Taking Health Care Courtship Up Another Notch
After months of cutting deals and stroking drug makers, hospitals and doctors, the president’s aides are laying the groundwork for [...]

Democrats’ Second Vote Against Transparency

For the second time this year the Democrats have voted against transparency andby voting against posting a bill online 72 hours before it the vote. Transparency was a huge theme in the last election, this administration claimed it would be the most transparent in history, and while this vote is not President Obama fault, [...]

Dems Heavy Handed on Health Care

After numerous complaints about the Democrats rushing through health care legislation without adequate debate or explanation, a new complaint arises about Senator Baucus using his position to restrain companies (Humana in particular) from providing customers with information about the Senate Health Care Bill.
From the Wall Street Journal - Baucus Bludgeons Humana
Earlier this month, Humana sent [...]

Pelosi Still Rushing Health Care Bill

Health Care legislation is still on a fast-forward track, at least in the House. This creates a dilemma for Democrats as two very different bills are underway in the House and Senate. Neither have any support from Republicans, and the measures such as the public option and surtax that are likely to be [...]

ACORN’s Threat of Lawsuits Could Backfire

ACORN, upset about unflattering media attention from Fox news due to recent videos showing ACORN workers giving tax cheat advice to a couple dressed as a pimp and prostitute, is threatening lawsuits.  However, as Ken Blackwell of TownHall.com points out, that could backfire in a big way…
If ACORN sues, it would have to sue alleging [...]

Racism and Politics

President Carter recently made a statement saying that the anger at the tea party protests is due to racism. On a similar note Maureen Dowd of the New York Times wrote an article stating that Joe Wilson’s “You Lie” outburst was due to racism. We’re at a strange place when it comes to [...]