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3 Responses to “Obama Profited from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”



    Rick Davis, ring a bell…..it should, he is McCains campaign manager…the guy in control….he has his own lobbying firm that until a month or so ago was recieving lobbying fees from fannie and freddie, about 15g’s a month since 2004…..wow

    Also rick davis served on the board of the Homeownership Alliance a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac advocacy group…..Its website said that the organization was dedicated to “exposing and defeating trends that would harm consumer access to the lowest-cost mortgage option.”…..they pushed the deregulation that allowed horrible business practices to continue……

    So, in this commercial all you have is a “quote” from mccain saying he was concerned about the business practices, but diddnt do ANYTHING about it….McCain called himself the “great deregulator” that was his nickname because he heavily endorsed the Reagan doctrine on free trade and enterprise…..

    All this commercial can say is that Obama has taken money from fannie and freddies EMPLOYEES….not the owners……employees pool their money and donate it……both of these men have recieved fund from employees of Oil companies, energy companies, mortgage companies etc……its a pointless attack

    McCain needs to refocus on the issues….no one cares about ayers, rezko, or where his contributions come from………ON the flipside, no one cares about the Keating 5 scandal, troopergate or the Alaskan Independece Party……..its the ISSUES, always has been

    McCain should provide an outline to where his taxes will go…..each tax bracket, every tax cut all of them…..then go into detail on his healthcare plan

    If I put McCains webite next to Obama’s you know what you will see……..FIGURES, NUMBERS, SPECIFICS…..

    McCain likes to talk about Obamas plan being socialist, but he has never mentioned where a quarter of his tax cuts go……we know from research groups that its going to people who make over 2million/year….thats what Im talking about

  2. Really do we need to back to this? Have you guys run out of ammunition so now you guys have to go back to old tactics.

    Should we talk about how Rick Davis (McCain’s chief executive officer in his campaign) headed a group called the Homeownership Alliance, a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac advocacy group. How he was being paid a big chunk of money by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac up until this August of this year, or how McCain campaign was paid over $160,000 in contribution by lobbyists and board of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

    Come on now start talking about what McCain will do for this country in detail…..oh wait you don’t know because McCain himself has not talked about what he will do for this country in detail. He only states what he do by generalizing it.

    McCain- “I will cut spending”. Okay, how?
    McCain- “I will bring the economy back”. (coming from a man that admitted that he doesn’t know anything about the economy) But anyways how will you do it McCain?
    McCain- “I will budget the Government books”. Okay, how?

    or his “already know” statements…..

    McCain-”I know where Osama Bin Laden is at”. Okay, tell us for we can go get him, or do you want this war to go on?

    McCain- “I know how to make this country better”. How by dividing us like you have these past few weeks?

    And I can go on with many more examples, but I think you get it.

  3. Dang! Oregon4Obama you must have posted yours when I was writing mine. HAHAHHAHA

    Anyways I guess two great minds think alike.

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