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What He’s Not…

Barack Obama has proven that he is not only a gifted speaker, but that he is king of the evasive answer.  Probably the most impressive dodges of Senator Obama come when he discusses his shady associates. William Ayers is “a guy in his neighborhood.”  True, he is a guy in his neighborhood, he also worked closely with him on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, wrote a book blurb for him, sat on the board of the Woods Fund together, and gave speaches together.  When challenged at the debate about this association he said, ‘he doesn’t advise my campaign’.  Well, he’s not my advisor either; that is a very smooth non-answer.  That response like the ‘guy in my neighborhhod’ response gives no information about what the relationship is, but grants him a pass from a complicit media for not answering real questions about their relationship. 

Probably the most remarkable dodge in this election is Obama’s ability not have to answer questions about Reverend Wright or Father Pfleger.  Father Pfleger is never even addressed even though Obama got an earmark for his church when he was a state Senator, and Father Pfleger was listed on the Obama website as a member of the Catholics for Obama just a couple weeks before he derieded Senator Clinton for basically being a white supremist (a charge a still find baffling and extrodinary). 

The question that has never been asked of Senator Obama; Do you believe in Black Liberation Theology?  That’s what Reverend Wright openly preached at the Trinity church for the twenty years Obama attended his church.  Senator Obama made a very nice speach about race, which conveniently said nothing about his relationship with Reverend Wright or his belief system.  This is important because people need to know if his views are mainstream, or if his radical associations are reflective of his personal belief system.

Then come Joe the Plumber and the question of taxes.  A citizen finally does what the media has failed for two years to do, make Senator Obama answer the question asked of him.  Senator Obama stated he believed that the government needs to “spread the wealth”.  He has stated that 95% of the people will get a tax break, yet about 40% of the people don’t pay taxes.  This sounds a lot like socialism; Senator Obama’s reply ‘it’s not socialism’.  Well what is it?  He hasn’t even been able to describe his own tax policy.  Will people not paying taxes be given a check?  Will people who are not working at all receive a government check?  Where is money from all the government checks going to come from?  How will his tax plan effect small to medium sized businesses, who are already struggling with a difficult economy?  Won’t damaging small businesses reduce the number of jobs available?  Doesn’t this system of rewarding inaction deter economic growth and entrepeneurship?  Senator Obama can you describe your own tax policy and the effects it will have on the nation?

Unfortunately, this election the media is unwilling to ask a hard question of their favorite candidate.  Whether it is on policy or on his associations, Obama’s non-answers are applauded by the media.  Senator Obama has repeatedly told us what he and his policies are not, but that still leaves Americans wondering who is he and what are his policies and beliefs.

One Response to “What He’s Not…”

  1. I know the campaign is grasping at straws and you’re still going back to Ayers& Wright. Do yourself a favor and leave those out of your argument. The only people who care about those two are people who are desperate for anything to make Obama look bad. In America you cannot be held responsible for the actions or the words of the people you have associations with. Except during the time of the witch trials and McCarthy hearings did people in this country get persecuted for their associations. The McCarthy hearings were one of the most damaging times in this nations history. In addition, most rational, thinking people can listen to ideas that may be controversial and not be influenced by them.
    I think you make a good argument regarding the in depth questioning that has been lacking regarding Obama’s tax policy. However, I would say that this is true of the questioning of both candidates. Both candidates have given general and vague specifics regarding their economic plans. And because they don’t go into depth, the media does not push them hard to answer it. The media does not applaud Obama’s non answer’s. That you made up or are just regurgitated from someone who made it up.

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