BBC Reports Iranian Police Force Mourners to Leave Cemetery #IranElection

Iran police halt mourning protest
Neda Agha Soltan, 27, was shot dead on 20 June as she watched protests against the poll result. Her death - one of 10 that day - was filmed on a mobile phone and broadcast around the world.
Shia Muslims traditionally mark 40 days after a death with a ceremony [...]

An Independent Call Now on

My latest book, An Independent Call - From New Hampshire On, is now available at An Indpendent Call recounts the experience of a wary Independent slowly being won over by the McCain campaign during the primary process, and eventually becoming a campaign volunteer and credentialed blogger. This book relates stories of political craziness from [...]

Reports of Torture Continue to Come Out of Iran #IranElection

From an Iran resistance web site reports of tortue by the government continue…
Iran: Detained Lawyers under torture and pressures to make false confessions
NCRI - The clerical regime has increased pressure on detained lawyers and jurists, namely Mohammad Ali Dadkhah and Abdulfatah Soltani, to force them to make false confessions.
In a well-known tactic by the regime’s [...]

White House Lobs A Soft Ball To Boehner

You know your spin machine has overdone it when a softball quote like Rahm Emanuel’s, “We rescued the economy” is lobbed up Representative Boehner to tee-off on…

Health Care: Please Read the Bill Before You Vote!

Political absurdity is on full display with the health care debate. There is an artificial August deadline, accompanied by the requisite dramatic hyperbole about how little Timmy’s crutches will be kicked out from underneath him if a bill doesn’t pass in the next couple weeks. Budget numbers are in full spin. Even [...]

CBO Bursts Administation’s Budget Claim about Democrat Health Care Bill

Douglas Elmendorf, the head of the Congressional Budget Office (a Democrat appointment) dealt the Democrat’s health care reform bill a serious blow. The claims made by Predident Obama that the bill would reduce costs in the long run have been analyze by the CBO as being false. Despite the CBO report President Obama [...]

Rafsanjani Renews Hope Among Iranian Election Protesters #IranElection

Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a top Iranian cleric, addressed the post election turmoil in Friday’s public prayers. Rafsanjani questioned the treatment of protesters and noted the doubts that remain about the legitimacy of the election. These statements challenge the leadership of the Iranian government. That combine with the appearance at the Mousavi helped to spark new protests, and renew hope among protesters.

Jon Kyl: Health Care Reform

For the record I am not fully behind Republican plans for health care reform, but Senator Kyle is on point in describing the Democrat’s plan.  More debt and higher taxes helps no one during this recession.

More Protests In Iran as Top Cleric States ‘Iran is in Crisis’ #IranElection

ABC Australia reports that top cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has stated that Iran is in crisis in what appears to be a challenge to Ahmedinejad. Protests are taking place today along side Friday’s weekly prayers.
In apparent defiance of Iran’s supreme leader, a powerful cleric has declared his country in crisis after a disputed [...]

Mother Of 19 Year Old Sohrab Arabi At Son’s Funeral - “I won’t be Silenced” #IranElection

A 19 year old, Sohrab Arabi, disappeared more than 3 weeks ago after he participated in post election protests in Iran.  His mother was told he was being held in Evin prison, and she routinely visited the prison trying to find information about her son.  Sohrab was dead, reportedly killed as a result of torture.  [...]