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    • I am crying-30 years ago, I listened to shortwave radio, Shah’s forces shooting students in the streets, following female students into bathrooms to slaughter them as they tried to escape, firetrucks brought to hose down the blood of students out of the streets…MY GOD, IRAN-WHY DO YOU KEEP KILLING YOUR YOUNG, YOUR STUDENTS, EVERY GENERATION!?!?! Such a beautiful people, beautiful culture, but why the commitment to killing your educated youth every 20 years or so?? If the common man and common woman of Iran, the mothers, fathers, could just make the crazed power-hungry STOP…please, decent people of Iran, caretakers of your culture, take back your country. You deserve so much better. Your youth are so brave. God bless them all.

  2. I just wonder - you fucking bastards - no one shoots an innocent like this and gets away with it. Karma delivers the result, with no human hand back on the perpetrator. Very sad. I feel shaken and saddened. All power to the Iranian people.

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  5. We take all of our freedoms for granted. We know nothing about what it is like not to have them. Wake up people, get others involved in this. Let the Iranian people know they are not alone.

  6. oh that had me in tears. I can’t imagine the pain of her family. This will not go unpunished, I’m sure. The whole world watched a young girl die at the hands of tyranny. Her death will not go unpunished.

  7. This is so brutal !! How can the humans do this with the humans..This is very Sad and i am upset to see this..Rgds
    Bharat..Unseen Rajasthan

  8. …as i have said elsewhere, do not let young people
    light the fire around the cold hearth of iranian
    democracy until they cut the wood first, the army
    are dragon teeth who will obey their masters,
    we have no business cheerleading them to their
    death, shame on you, reporters, where were you
    when america had 2 elections stolen by butcheney,
    and now you’re busy defending freedom where
    you’re not wanted, midwifing massacre, in a foreign
    country? easy for you, you flash your passport and
    maybe they let you go, meddling in the democratic
    process of a volatile nation is provocation,
    may you reap the whirlwind upon yourselves
    and your irresponsible masters.

    • You can’t blame this on anyone but the man who pulled the trigger.

      • …as to who’s to blame, guilt is a quilt of many colors,
        this is a necktie party arranged outside the country
        and acted out within. long live the shah!

    • I don’t understand how the Americans are to blame for this? Did they fix the election toward the winner? I would think the Americans would have wanted the guy that lost considering he supported more open relations with the U.S. So why would they be “meddling in the democratic process” in this situation. This seems like an internal conflict in Iran… IDK

      • …what if iran had sent reporters into the us during
        the gore-bush, who favored gore because they
        knew george would be a hardliner who would
        start a war with their neighbor iraq on flimsy pretext,
        only because saddam threatenend his father,
        and they sent reports back to the iranian papers
        while inflaming the gore partisans at the same time,
        causing the gore people to think that they had aryan
        backing to trash the election , this is what is happening, now we are waiting for the iranian
        sandra day o’conner to decide the election in
        favor of bushnajad.

  9. Oh…people die everyday.

  10. …cowards die every second of their blasé lives, people die only once.

  11. Robert Bowerman: ” no one shoots an innocent like this and gets away with it”

    Oh yes, they do, Robert.

    Lakisha: here are four Americans who know very well what it’s like not to have freedoms. 2 of them are young women, who dies much like this girl did.

  12. I dont have to watch it to understand what has happened. I just thank GOD I live in the US! Sometimes we take our freedoms for granted and this brings some of us back down to earth. Although much of the world is not happy with the US….we still have the highest level of immigration (legal or illegal) in the world!…I wonder why? hmmm

    • because the US is the Wal*mart of the world.

      you make it so hard on everybody else that they _t_h_i_n_k_ that going to the US _h_a_s_ to be better.

      but the _U_ S_ is the parent franchise of the global tyranny…

      the primary _p_r_0_c_e_$_$_i_n_g__P_1_4_N_T_!_

      thank God _Y_O_U_ live in the US!

    • It must be hard to hate something so much. I feel sad for you. It is allways easier to blame someone else for your problems and who is the easiest to blame the richest strongest nation on Earth. Mostly out of jealousy. You have been brainwashed. If you sent reporters over here that would be fine. most Americans want to listen to all points of view. About cowards dieing I hope you werent refering to this lady. she is a hero. Unlike the terrorists killing unarmed and unsuspecting people. The are afraid to fight one on one.

  13. The price of freedom is so very high; may God bless those who pay with the cost with their lives.

  14. [...] i really don’t like this at all. i mean if you want some photos, just type it into images.. or just click here. im sure you’re bound to see some horrid pictures. ugh, iran figure your shit out. stop costing the lives of innocent people. my heart goes out to the families that had to watch their loved one die. for example, like this young lady. [...]

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  16. It’s a shame this woman had to die due to a CIA backed revolution attempt.

    When will the US mind their own business.

    • I’m sorry, were you actually basing this statement on something or merely engaging in global platitudes?

    • Thease people are idiots. Thay make clames that America is to blame for everything but they have only the words of their leaders and no proof. Thease are the same people who say that Germany dident kill any jews during WW II. Hey did you hear America was to blame for the fall of Rome yes it was the CIA. LOL If you have any natural disasters such as a flood or earthquake ILL bet it was made by the Americans. You people are delusional

  17. I am sick and tired of foreigners blaming everything on Americans. You people need to get the hell out of OUR country since you don’t like Americans so much.

    We need to rise up and destroy any group of people that seek to harm America and any of its peoples.

    Death to all of you terrorists and extremists out there. Come over here and let us get our hands on you.

  18. The truth is finally coming out. God is working. How? Read the Bible..All freedom comes from God. Our founding fathers gave up everything so we could be free. God bless the Iranian people for rising up to fight. Do you remember 1980? The Shaw of Iran was ousted from power. Many Iranians were forced to come to America. Many feared for their lives. Bobby Gee Yes, it is sad, but if the people will rise up and fight freedom will be achieved. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  19. Wow. Whatever bitchbastard shot/stabbed/whatever-ed her must get there comeupance.

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  22. …the idea is not to be any kind of agent, cia or not,
    for massacre of excitable jovian youths who will
    gladly make the sacrifice you ask of them. it’s vile
    to do so, especially when they look to you for wisdom
    and they take a bullet for their confidence in your words, then you go file your story and return a hero
    to ground zero. what’s that?

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