Obama on “People Waving Tea Bags Around”

President Obama would likely have been better served by ignoring the protesters, as was the White House’s first reaction to the Tea Parties. Belittling these people was politically unwise, and pretending that his adminsitration has addressed any of the concerns of fiscal conservatives was less than honest.

Arlen Specter Switches Parties

Wow, this is fascinating… The Washington Post Reports Alen Specter is Switching Parties.

Hog Wild over the Swine Flu

I know surgical masks and airport warning signs make for great tv, but isn’t this shtick getting old?

Author’s Note - OOPS! Please Tune in Tomorrow

Apparently I can write a book, but can’t read a calendar*.  My previous post should have stated that the MadIrishman’s Blog Talk Radio Show that I will be on is Tueday at 9:00 not Monday at 9:00.  Hosted  by Let’s Get This Right radio I will be on to discuss my newly released book, An Independent [...]

Senator McCain Right on Torture Hearings

One can believe that past actions were wrong, and that a criminal probe is inappropriate and potentially harmful.

Author’s Note - Appearance on Let’s Get This Right Radio

Monday at 9 PM I will be on MadIrishman’s Blog Talk Radio Show to discuss my newly released book, An Independent Call.

The Bipartisanship Debate

There is room for improvement, but he should be given credit for not being either wrecklessly, partisan particularly on foreign policy, or succuming do the desires of some in his party to become angry and backward looking.

Author’s Note - Grizzly Groundswell Radio Appearance

I’ll be a guest tonight on Grizzly Groundswell Radio at 8:00 EST to discuss my book ‘An Independent Call.’ I met the host Chad Everson at the Republican National Convention and look forward to speaking with him tonight.
-Katherine Morrison

Well, Who Can Disagree with This? - Helix Wind

This sounds like a great idea all-around; small-scale, ethetically-pleasing, wind turbines.

Middle Class Protest Deserves More Credence

Fairness arguments fall flat, because life’s not fair and crying ‘no fair’ for the wealthy is not going to accomplish anything. ‘What works,’ would be a much better tact for fiscal conservatives, as the Tea Parties showed many people do not feel that reckless government spending ‘works.’