Chants of Protest Continue from the Rooftops of Iran #IranElection

The chanting of “Allah Akbar,” ‘God is Great’ in Farsi, has been steadily chanted from the rooftops in Iran since the election more than two weeks ago. The video above is reportedly from June 29th. The video below is from the 19th the night before the June 20th Saturday [...]

Basij Home Invasion in Iran #IranElection

Chipmunk Heaven or Chipmunk Hell?

Way, way off topic; this is the birdfeeder outside my kitchen window…

Iranian Clerics Walk with Protesters in Iran #IranElection #Neda

Don’t Let the Media Forget About Iran #IranElection #MJ’s

News of late has obviously focused on Michael Jackson’s death. Yet this is not a good reason for news networks to again ignore the ongoing issues in Iran. The above video showed superbly how major events can share the same stage. Please let the news networks know that [...]

Headlines / News Regarding Iran Protests and Elections #IranElection

It has been made abundantly clear that the Iranian government and its supreme leader have no interest in respecting the basic human rights of its citizens. This was again evident in Friday’s “prayer” by Ayatollah Khatami. Leading demonstrators must be executed, Ayatollah Khatami demands
In a televised sermon at Friday prayers in Tehran, Ayatollah Ahmad [...]

Green Balloons Creative Peaceful Protest #IranElection

Great creative peaceful form of protest. Love to see a brutal regime outsmarted by something as simple as a green balloon.

*Graphic* Man Shot on Streets of Iran #IranElection

This shooting reportedly occurred during protests this Wednesday June 24th. End of the video is quite graphic.

Recapping Iran / Iran Internet Coverage #IranElection

Since the election in Iran on the 12th of June, information about the protests and brutal government crackdowns has flowed in via the internet, particularly social media sites, and specifically Twitter. Twitter was the first place to provide information about the protests as the media largely missed the story in the beginning. Now [...]

Video - Massive Show of Force on Streets of Iran #IranElection