President Obama’s Address

This isn’t just an issue of a theoretical debt that will some day have to be paid by the tax payer. This is a basic math problem that could nagatively impact the economy for years to come.

Rick Santelli on Kudlow Report - Housing Report

Punishing Good Behavior

Businesses and individuals that pay their bills and taxes on time are subsidizing those who don’t. The housing plan isn’t completely without merit, but this trend of government bailouts big and small is wearing on many as can be seen in this CNBC clip of Rick Santelli becoming fed up with the government rewards for bad behavior on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange…

Lindsey Graham - “Please Don’t Say This is Change I Can Believe In”

Please Don’t Say This is Change I Can Believe In

Steve Forbes - Obama Stimulus Package is a Waste of Money

Obama Stimulus Package is a Waste of Money

Stimulating Math

Stimulus math

Voters Unhappy with Stimulus Proposal

There is still no coherent defense for all the waste included in this stimulus package, as consequently support for this package continues to erode.

Obama Misses Mark in Defending Stimulus Package

What President Obama forgot to explain is why he thinks this is an effective bill. There don’t seem to be any takers for actually defending the substance of this bill, as it is full of pork and short on economic stimulus.

Stimulus Spending On Honeybee Insurance

Honeybee beekeeper insurance

Republican Senators Put Together Alternative Stimulus Package

Republican Senators put together an alternative stimulus package that has a much lower price tag than the current version of the stimulus bill, as the AP reports that the current plan tops $900 billion.