Stimulus Is Over Sold

The Obama administration is still having difficulty in justifying the massive expenditure that came with the stimulus package. The root of the problem comes with claiming stimulus success is the state of unemployment. The administration prior to passing the stimulus said that it would prevent unemployment for rising above 8.5%, but now that [...]

Politico Points Out Media’s Double Standard

Politico, in a well written article, notes the double standard that exists with the Obama administration and the media. Worth a read, the point should be less about sympathy for the Bush administration, and more about the media’s complete lack of objectivity…
What if Bush had done that?
A four-hour stop in New Orleans, on his [...]

Crack Out Your Violins The White House Doesn’t Like Fox News

Well crack out the violins the White House doesn’t like Fox News. The first two to pull out their bows are sure to be Senator McCain and Secretary Clinton, who will likely also be playing in the percussion section as they simultaneously bang their heads against the wall. Both have repeatedly noted the media’s incredible [...]

Orrin Hatch Details Serious Flaws with Dems Health Care Reform Plans

Senator Orrin Hatch held a blogger call last Friday where he explained the numerous problems with the Democrats health care reform plans. It should be noted that Senator Hatch has a history of working across the aisle on health care issues. He definitely wants health care reform, but believes the current attempts at reform are [...]

#BeatCancer Social Media Cancer Fundraiser #BeatCancer

Tip for the day… Anyone who uses Facebook or Twitter include the hash tag #beatcancer in your posts to raise money for cancer related charities. Each Tweet or Facebook post raises $.01, the goal being that the more it is spread through people’s networks, the more people re-tweet and re-post, the potential for [...]

Another Bad Day for the Media

For another installment of, ‘Why the media completely lacks credibility,’ yesterday provided a double header. The most glaring of which was the media blindly chasing after the ‘balloon boy’ story without the least bit of critical thought. The main stream media seemed stunned that ‘balloon boy’ turned out to be a hoax and [...]

Major Doubts Remain on Health Care Reform

While the big news of the week for health care has been that the Baucus bill passed committee with one Republican vote from Senator Snowe, there continues to be a myriad of questions about what the final bill will look like, and if it will have support from centrists.  A very reasonable request came from [...]

Obama - How to Sell a Plan

President Obama has attempted to sell his health plan to the American people on two previous occasions by by standing in front of a large group of supportive nurses. Yet this failed to do the trick so this time President Obama invited two doctors from each state in the union to the White House [...]

Hollywood Egregiously Out of Touch in Supporting Polanski

The support of Hollywood for Roman Polanski has shown how egregiously out of touch the town has become. Polanski plead guilty to having sex with a 13 year old, then skipped town before sentencing. This case isn’t a close call. It’s not a 19 year old guy with his 17 year old [...]

More Reasons to Like Lindsey Graham