Senator Barrasso: This Type of Legislation Would Have Cost My Wife Her Life

I would say to my colleague and friend from Arizona, this type of legislation would have cost my wife her life. She is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed by a routine screening mammogram. She was in her forties when that mammogram was performed. She went through the testing and had the operation.

McConnell: Senators Who Support Health Care Bill Have A Lot of Explaining to Do

Senator McConnell gives a straight-forward reasonable explanation of why the Senate Health Care Bill is simply an ineffective, poorly reasoned, and written bill…

Cuts in Mammograms A Prelude to Government run Health Care?

“U.S. Preventive Services Task Force advising against routine mammograms for women in their 40s.”
This recommendation is being met with by strong protests among cancer groups and breast cancer survivors alike. The recommendation is based on the fact that while cancer is detected in some women there are also a good number of false positives [...]

John McCain Sponsors Petition Against Government Run Health Care

From sponsored email…
Taxpayers simply cannot afford this government takeover of our health care system and this is our opportunity to put an end to it.
That’s why I urge you to add your name to this petition showing your opposition to government-run health care.
We still have an opportunity to stop the Democrats’ public option from [...]

South Carolina Republican Party Brand Themselves as Fools

In grand gesture of foolishness, Senator Lindsey Graham was censured last week by the Republican leadership in South Carolina for working with Democrats, specifically on a climate change bill. This is the same state whose Republican governor tried to sneak off to Argentina to have an affair. Hopefully his mistress wasn’t a Democrat, [...]

Washington Painting the Walls When the Roof is Leaking

As unemployment hit 10.2% last week the House in a special Saturday session of Congress passed health care bill that is costly and unpopular. In a great example of politicians being out of touch, Congress has decided that health care reform takes precedence over the economy and jobs even when poll after poll (including [...]

Big Crowds at Nov. 4 Protests in Iran #iranelection

Unarmed Girl Hit By Police in Iran #iranelection

Nov. 4, 2009

Renewed Protests in Iran - Crowd Tears Khamenei Billboard #IranElection

November 4, 2009 new protests in Iran.

Big Guns Fire Blanks On Election Day

Yesterday was a big day for Republicans with huge wins in Virginia and New Jersey.  Those two races also showed that the Obama election machine is not invincible.  While the White House had already conceded Virginia prior to election day, New Jersey they fully backed right up to election day.  They brought all their big [...]