Well, Who Can Disagree with This? - Helix Wind

This sounds like a great idea all-around; small-scale, ethetically-pleasing, wind turbines. While not yet at a price point accessible for most individuals, small businesses (or large) could save money, and in some cases could even supply energy back into the grid. This is one of those unique cases where regardless of political ideology there are all sorts of reasons to like this technology. Whether it is a pro-environment rationale or an energy independence approach, it is hard to deny that this is an excellent idea.

Discription from Helix Wind’s website.

Small wind energy systems are one of the fastest growing forms of customer-sited or “distributed” electric generation and one of the best energy investments for small businesses and homeowners.

Small (or “residential”) wind energy systems typically generate just enough power to meet the demands of a home, farm or small business. They range from 400 watts to 500 kilowatts or more and typically consist of a single turbine (vertical or horizontal). They can be significant power sources and have proven records of performance, even in locations with modest winds.

The success of the commercial wind industry has propelled significant advances in small turbine design, making these systems more reliable, quieter and safer than those introduced in past decades. And though most of the electricity they produce is used on-site, excess generation can be fed into distribution lines, strengthening the electric grid.

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