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American Spectator: Pelosi Intentionally Tanked Economic Bill

American Spectator article Democrat Leaders Played to Lose is worth a read. Excerpt follows.

During the floor vote, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and House Democrat Conference chair Rahm Emanuel could be seen monitoring the vote on the floor, and gauging whether or not more Democrat votes were needed. Clyburn had expressed concerns, says the leadership aide, of being asked to press members of the Black and Hispanic caucuses on a bill he was certain those constituencies would not want passed.

“It worked out, because we didn’t have a dog in this fight. We negotiated. We gave the White House a bill. It was up to the Republicans to get the 100 plus votes they needed and they couldn’t do it,” said another Democrat leadership aide.

Emanuel, who served as a board member for Freddie Mac, one of the agencies that precipitated the economic crisis the nation now finds itself in, had no misgivings about taking a leadership role in tanking the bill. “He was cheerleading us along, mothering the votes,” says the aide. “We wanted enough to put the pressure on the Republicans and Congressman Emanuel was charged with making it close enough. He did a great job.”…

…Further, according to House Oversight Committee staff, Emanuel has received assurances from Pelosi that she will not allow what he termed a “witch hunt” to take place during the next Congressional session over the role Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played in the economic crisis.

8 Responses to “American Spectator: Pelosi Intentionally Tanked Economic Bill”

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  2. This sort of nonsense convinces no one other than paranoics and it makes the GOP look like comics. Given the events of the last ten days, the suspended campaign, the cancelled debate, the uncancelled debate, the Palin fiasco, do we think this is doing us any good. I’m tellling you the American people just aren’t in the mood for this bs at the moment. They really aren’t.

  3. John, you are typical of Dems who fail and accept no responsibility. Pelosi, Frank, Waters, Raines and so many more are crooks who will be exposed. I’m a life time Dem who will be voting for McCain hoping he can clean up this awful mess. Barrack will turn out to be the biggest crook of all. You can see what he did for his Chicago district on you tube “No Place Like Home Barrack Obama”.

  4. I guess the truth hurts John’s feelings too much. More and more evidence is surfacing that puts the blame of the economic crises squarely on the Democrats’ lap (see the CSPAN video) and Americans will find out about it. Expect to see excerpts of that video running in political ads very soon.

  5. There is NO leadership at all. Bush, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and McCain have failed us. McCain at least tried to lead, but was criticized by the media and the Democrats for doing what the taxpayers pay him to do. The only person I don’t blame is…Sarah Palin. She is the only one on either ticket that had nothing to do with this mess.

  6. This is a link to a well developed video explaining the housing crisis….


    Puts the blame for this mess right where it belongs… in the democrats lap.

  7. Great job Don.

    It won’t matter what you tell these pro-Obama people - they not only won’t listen - they make it a point to avoid at all costs anything seriously wrong with their “high-jacked” party.

  8. Obama really doesn’t scare me….it’s the Pelosis, Reids, Deans, Kennedy’s, Wesley Clarke’s, of the party who come along for the ride who scare the living hell out of me….look at the tactics they can pull to get their way on just about anything they want.

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