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23 Responses to “Clinton Supporter Reveals CNN Bias - Again”

  1. -when I do my channel switching I cannot stay on CNN when I see that woman..and this interview is no different…but this Rothchild woman handled herself BEAUTIFULLY ….sorry to stereotype but usual obama supporter…she asks for specific examples of obama acting elitest “when he said he was going to heal the planet” -she goes to “issues don’t matter to you and you are just going to vote on personality—My good God-an Obama supporter would dare to say such a thing when they idolize his oness…he voted for energy bills that mccain did not vote and earmarks as if it were free candy…and she comes back with -bitter—unreal-thanks for the CNN address-this bias turned into fanatical support on the part of the media is why McCain is not up 25% and for no other reason—we should be able to expect people obama pays to be more objective than this so called journalist

  2. I nolonger watch CNN but thank you for the clip.This democrat has done J Mc Cain can not do ;tell America who Bary Hussein Obama is.

  3. Why is Campbell Browne still on the air? If she only wants to hear herself talk and she has already drawn her conclusions, why go through with the pretense of conducting interviews. She went over to CNN to try and make a name for herself by practicing partisan politics shame on you Ms. Browne, you too are an elitist and the worst thing is that you know not that you are ,go back to NBC and practice your fluff there

  4. I can’t stand Campbell Browne.
    When she was on NBC, sitting in for Katie, she did De Niro(Taxi Driver) impersonation and said “Are you talking to me?” to Dusten Hoffman who was a guest. What a stupid creature she is!


    sorry Campbell Browne totally owned Lynn Forester De Rothschild.

    1) She never explained why she thought Barack Obama is an elitist.

    2) She is a Democrat but she is voting for John McCain. I don’t understand that.

    3) Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are more the same on the issues…not a big difference between them really, but she is voting for John McCain someone who is far from the same as Hillary Clinton on the issues.

    Again why is she voting for John McCain again…..he voted probably one time against George Bush on Oil whereas he voted 90% of the time on other things with Bush.

    She said “I grew up in a middle class town in New Jersey. My father worked two jobs to put four children through college, law school, and medical school. We were taught that we were blessed by God to live in the greatest country in the world. And if we worked hard we could have anything.”

    The funny thing is is that her and Barack Obama are kind of similar in that aspect that Barack Obama was raised in a single parent but middle class household, he put himself though law school and worked hard too.

    You know I keep hearing people call Barack Obama names like conceded, arrogant, presumptuous, narcissist, superiority, condescending or patronizing. But what exactly has he done to display those kinds of attitudes?

    Is it because he has an ivy league education? Or is it because that is what the GOP likes people to think he is?

    For what I see Barack Obama is a man with high self-esteem and very sure of himself.

    Or maybe people feel that a black person shouldn’t have such a high regard for him or herself?

    Also definition of elitist or elitism

    1. The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.
    1. The sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class.
    2. Control, rule, or domination by such a group or class.

    Exactly what elite group does Barack Obama belong to that makes him an elitist?

  6. That’s some impressive spin their J.

  7. ok I have to disagree with your bias premise again. What you showed was a reporter who asked some questions and did not let her interviewee get away without answering the question. Good reporters will challenge people on their ideas. You see it on Meet the Press all the time. Tim and now Tom would get 2 people on opposite sides of an issue and press them to make their case. They don’t ask the same questions to show bias to one side. They ask questions that challenge that person to defend their case. That is what Campbell Brown did. Now if you are worried about her facial expressions when she did not receive the answers to her question, I will give that she could have been a little more professional .
    Finally, if you want to show bias, then you have to show examples of Campbell Brown asking questions to a pro-Obama person and not challenging them when they don’t answer the questions given. If you can show me that, I will believe that Campbell Brown, not CNN is biased. In order to show that CNN is biased you have to show me that they employ only people on the left or do nothing but report pro-Obama material. That is a harder task to do. I don’t watch much CNN anyway as with most 24 hr news they seem to be much more flash than substance.

  8. How is J spinning things?


    Trust me kmorrison33 I am not doing any spinning. I leave that type of garbage to the Republican party since they are so good at it. I tend to deal with the facts.

  10. J,

    Your definitions all fit left-wing radicals. They often come from top notch universities, Columbia and Harvard in Obama’s case. Having gone there in the fiorst place they feel entitled to political power and the money which comes along with it. Some fo them are “minorities,” half African American in Obama’s case, and they feel that minority status entitles them to whatever they want. They also they, and they alone are intelligent enough control, rule over, and dominate others. Obama is a classical elitist.

    Another point, though she said that her middle class upbringing informed her decision in the matter, Lynn Rothschild never denied being among the elite herself. In fact, she confirmed it when pushed. Being a member of the elite, she sure would know who else was in the club. So you can take it to the bank that Obama is an elitist.

  11. The endorsement by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild will be among McCain’s most valued. Here’s why.

  12. Throughout the interview, ms brown makes it clear, with dripping sarcasm, that her opinion was diametric to her guests. Without a hint of professionalism, ms brown belittled (tried to, anyways. Ms Rothchild knows how to handle herself! I was impressed!) and stepped on her guests responses.
    I don’t know whos doing the hiring at CNN - they need to dump brown.

  13. @Lo56-

    Minorities are an elite group? You got to be kidding me, right? And “they alone are intelligent enough control, rule over, and dominate others” you are saying this is what minorities acting like? Because I get that same feeling from rich non-minority people,but compare to minorities there is history to back up that claim of them.

    So only Democrats or left-wing radicals(as you put it) attend universities like Columbia and Harvard….no wonder ALL AMERICANS have a better time during their administration terms.

    I do believe that McCain also attended some prestigious schools as he grew up, but unlike Obama, McCain didn’t attend any of those schools on scholarships or without the help from family (McCain attend the Naval Academy) where McCain’s father & grandfather were both Navy admirals and very well respected.

    Again who is the elite?

    Also why all of a sudden by having a proper education is seen as a negative or as an elite?

    Didn’t any of our previous Presidents have university lever education?

  14. our last 3 Presidents have attended Yale and/or Harvard, as many others have before.

  15. @ Your bro-


    But for some reason they are excluded along with John McCain from that elite list that Barack Obama is appointed king of .

  16. Ok, ok, can anyone back up this elitist claim without sounding like Lady Rothchild who said something to the effect of “I can’t describe it, but I know it when I see it.” I see people calling him names, but I have yet to see any factual evidence of this. LO56 seems bent on telling us how certain people think, yet you provide no evidence that Obama thinks this way. If you can, I would be very interested in seeing that evidence. If not you need to be very careful in telling us how others think.

  17. This site is masquerading as indepednet similiar to the notion that conservatives can be compassionate. Idependent means unable to make a decision in a two party system, in the end all of you will conform.

  18. @Site owner-

    No wonder the person of the site doesn’t post some of my comments.

    I post no profanity or disrespectful words to anyone on this site or the site itself. But still two of my comments were not posted.

    Stop pretending that this site is fair and welcomes different points of view.

  19. Correction-Independent or does it matter since they do not really count…two choices…R or D on Nov. 4

  20. One of CNN’s leading Obama sychophants, Candy Crowley, let the cat out of the Obama bag, when she told viewers that the Obama campaign had wanted horrific Wall Street headlines to help their campaign. Crowley, and fellow Obama sychophant David Gergen, were extolling the virtues of bad economic news for the Obama campaign.

    Of course, no one would expect CNN to actually deal with the issue of who or what party is responsible for the economy. No, their template is the economy is horrible, we are going to blame Bush and McCain and Obama will benefit.

    The Drudge Report had this story on its site this morning, it had been pulled. Drudge realized how bad this would look for the Obama campaign.

    It’s beyond audacious that we have one candidate for President who is full of hope. Hope that the economy is so bad, that he can win an election because of it. The conservative internet has its work cut out for it for the next 53 days.

  21. CNN & MSNBC Saintly Obama seems to grow smaller the closer we approach him and find out the truth that cable news pundits cant seem to find and or report…

    No longer can Americans trust the media, which was given special constitutional privileges to look out for the folks.”Obama is an empty suit. From the day he was sworn in to the Senate to the date he declared his run for the presidency, is only 145 days on the job. He has literally no experience. (Not figuratively, literally!) He’s not qualified to run a Dairy Queen.

    Proven Obama has most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate. Obama is to the left of Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Pat Leahy and Barbara Boxer. That’s extremely difficult to do. Obama is a textbook big-government, tax-and-spend liberal. He plans to raise income tax rates, capital gains tax rates, Social Security taxes (by virtue of eliminating the cap), dividend taxes, inheritance taxes, and introduce a slew of new taxes. His plan will destroy this country

    To ALL the obamakins and of course the bias CNN & MSNBC I have one simple request. Please spare me the hope and the change bull, and the Bush’s third term, McSame etc… Please just tell American voters what qualifies Barack Obama to run this country. What qualifies him to oversee our $14 trillion economy, the largest on earth? What qualifies him to be commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces in a time of war? Please just give me one single solid qualification. And race does not qualify!! That would be one more than anyone including cable media has provided to date. WE ALL HAVE GROWN EXTREMLY TIRED OF MEDIA SAINTED OBAMA….


    “The Last 100 Days”
    Hon. James David Manning, PhD.




    Breaking news on CNN Matt Damon is terrified of Sarah Palin! Another
    Hollywood celebrity freaked out by the Alaska Governor. So I believe
    the tally is Madona thinks McCain is Hitler, Whoopi thinks Palin is a
    Nazi, and Matt Damon is hiding behind his counch until Sarah Palin goes
    away. Adding to the classy comments Dr. Damon believes McCain is about
    to die, all this from another celebrity member of Team Hope.

    So not only is this at the top of CNN’s website, but so is the Obama
    campaign’s charge that he’s being swift-boated. This from the campaign
    that has has a melt-down over the Palin nomination. The campaign that
    in the last two days has called the McCain/Palin ticket liars and
    corrupt, because Palin pulled the plug on the ‘Bridge to No Where’. The
    charge of swift-boating comes from the McCain campaign calling Obama’s
    ‘lipstick on a pig’ remark sexist. The headline “Palin is target of
    cyberspace hazing” is rather ironic considering the headline above it is
    essentially an example of cyberspace hazing.

    The media can’t seem to understand why everyone thinks they’re biased.
    Well here’s a clue, your reporting on inflamatory remarks by celebrities
    as if they were important news stories; and your stories repeatedly are
    framed with the slant of the Obama campaign. CNN may not be able to see
    their own bias, but everyone else can.

  23. I think Cambell Brown is some sort of pity project. She seems to have a speech impediment. A problem with her s’s and f’s.

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