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The Bracelet Debate Update

ABC News looked into the controversy about whether the family of Sergeant Ryan David Jopek approved of Senator Obama wearing a bracelet with his name on it and whether they approved of him using his name publicly in the article Bracelet Wars. It appears there was some miscommunication between Jopek’s parents who are divorced, but that his mother is happy with Senator Obama mentioning her son’s name during the debate even though she had previously emailed the campaign and asked them not to talk about her son publicly. Her intent in giving Senator Obama the bracelet was so that he would know her son’s name, which brings us back to the original problem. Senator Obama had to read Sergeant Jopek’s name off his bracelet.

2 Responses to “The Bracelet Debate Update”

  1. We can agree or disagree on if Obama forgot the name of the soldier, which in my eyes he did not. To me it looked like he was trying to get the right words out.

    But anyways the thing I would like to know is………….

    Why isn’t McCain wearing a flag pin? Especailly during a Presidential debate.

    It’s kind of funny that so many CONSERVATIVE bloggers made a fuss over the time when Obama didn’t wear a flag pin also saying that he is unpatriotic, but now there is no mention of McCain not wearing a flag pin and at especially a time when he should wearing one.

    Also has McCain ever wore a flag pin since he was nominated as the Republican Presidential Candidate?

    I think not.



  2. Heavenly - none of your comments ever make sense.

    Was the article about Obama not knowing the soldiers name? Why are you bringing up an American Flag pin on Senator McCain, I think he has proven his countries loyalties, if you hadn’t already known.

    You boy is going down.

    PUMA Pounce!

    McCain/Palin 2008!

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