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Another Gaffe from Senator Biden

What is classic about this gaffe is that Senator Biden leads into his gaffe stating, “Part of what a leader does is to instill confidence and demonstrate that he or she knows what their talking about”.  The he goes on to state that Franklin Roosevelt went on television during the depression.  A double gaffe, FDR was not president during the start of the depression; president’s weren’t going on TV in 1929.

8 Responses to “Another Gaffe from Senator Biden”

  1. Biden does exactly the same thing as Obama: he tells a story and adds details. Obama’s books are replete with imaginary details.

    Obama adds uncles and Auschwitz, Biden adds TV and Roosevelt..

    Few people caught the Auschwitz gaffe right away. WW II is ancient history to some extent..

    But Biden’s gaffe was on things people know: Roosevelt and TV. Anybody around 60 remembers what life was before TV, except Biden perhaps.

    But Obama believed - at least for some time - that there are 57 States.

  2. kmorrison33 saying that FDR wasn’t president during the great depression is so wrong it is hard to even comment on…..

  3. Sorry about that - the start of the Depression.

  4. Biden said: When the stock market crashed Franklin Roosevelt went on television during the depression.

    I do believe Biden was talking about the Recession of 1937 which was also part of the The Great Depression.


    Where’s the gaffe?

  5. Ok one gaffe he said television instead of radio. Big Deal!

  6. Also Biden never said President Roosevelt, but Biden is right that FDR did talk about the stock market crashing (1929 incident)

    “In 1922, FDR became governor of New York. The U.S. economy was fundamentally unsound, and Governor Roosevelt predicted that a crash would soon come. The stock market crash of 1929 destroyed the savings and livelihood of millions of Americans, but then-President Hoover’s policies did more harm than good. Meanwhile in New York, FDR implemented relief initiatives that foreshadowed his future strategy in fighting the Great Depression: unemployment insurance, pensions for the elderly, limits on work hours, and massive public works projects. His popularity allowed him to gain reelection as governor, a rare feat in the midst of depression. ”


  7. I agree it’s not a huge deal, and just can’t help but like Biden. However, the gaffe is that statement does sounds like FDR came on tv right after the crash in ‘29.

    You’re right it’s not a huge deal, but he is making tons of gaffes.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA that I can agree with you on.

    Biden I love that dude, but he is making a lot of mistakes and also simple mistakes.

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