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Bold Leadership from John McCain

With the markets in turmoil and a bill and a bailout package up for debate in Congress, Senator McCain has suspended his campaign and returned to Washington to work on the bill. Last night prior to Senator McCain’s decision to return to Washington ABC’s George Stephanopoulos reported,

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos reports: If Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain doesn’t vote for the Bush administration’s $700 billion economic bailout plan, some Republican and Democratic congressional leaders tell ABC News the plan won’t pass.

“If McCain doesn’t come out for this, it’s over,” a Top House Republican tells ABC News.

A Democratic leadership source says that White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten has been told that
Democratic votes will not be there if McCain votes no — that there is no deal if McCain doesn’t go along.

With the ball in Senator McCain’s court, and concerns about the President’s current proposal, Senator McCain is heading back to Washington. The debates and future campaign events are in limbo, as this bold decision has put a priority on the economic package.

28 Responses to “Bold Leadership from John McCain”

  1. Nice piece of information.

    Mr. Clinton did thank Mr. McCain for his essential support on another important issue.

  2. [...] Bold Leadership from John McCain [...]

  3. [...] Bold Leadership from John McCain [...]

  4. [...] Bold Leadership from John McCain [...]

  5. What leadership? Where was his leadership last week when he couldn’t decide if the economy was strong or in peril. Where was his leadership when he missed 64% of his votes in the Senate. Ted Kenedy with a brain tumour managed to get to the floor more often.

    When there were items that his leaderhsip could have helped on he wasn’t there and Obama was.

    Now that the deal on the bail out is almost finished he decides that it can’t be done with out him???

    This is a stunt. Not leadership. Does he think the rest of the world is going to fall for this kind of crap or is it just Americans that he thinks are this stupid???

  6. Gutsy move. If he can get a bill that all agree on including the tax payers, then he will look like a leader. If he mires it down and it backfires, the it could hurt him. At least he is trying. Life is full of risks. He took a chance on Palin and I feel it has payed off well.

    Like your site. Found it about two weeks ago.

  7. Thanks Sp.

  8. Who knows. Obama might lose a senior Democrat surrogate with a proven economic, political and diplomatic record to this commission. I don’t mean Biden.

  9. This is an obvious political stunt on McCain’s part. Its obvious since if McCain truly felt this was the right thing to do he would have discussed it the Obama campaign before his announcement. He was attempting to put Obama in a lose-lose position, luckily Obama, and the American people didn’t fall for it.

    When McCain knows people are turning against him, queue the theatrics.

  10. Being President also takes multitasking…..what is John McCain saying?

    That he can’t multitask.

    I wonder what all those previous and current Presidents (campaigning for a a second term) do……Did they stop governing to campaign or did they do both?

    But the funny thing is that John McCain is not even President but yet he wants to stop campaigning until this bailout is though. God help us if that man becomes President what would he do if he had two things or more on his table at once to figure out.

    Also McCain thanks for scaring the American people.

    Also has anyone heard of Keaton 5 scandal?


    I hear McCain call it “A dark moment in his life”

    McCain a leader….. I think NOT.

  11. Obama is so good at multitasking: Rezko, Ayers, Wright, birth certificate, Logan Act.

  12. McCain’s afraid to debate and is trying to pull another Palin rabbit out of his hat to help his failing campaign. Palin has fallen by the wayside, and McConfused is trying to distract voters again.

    “The economy is fundamentally sound” “I meant the people are the fundamentals” “I mean this is a crisis, and although I don’t know anything about the economy and am not on any of the committees, I’m rushing back to solve this problem”

    If you’re dumb enough to believe him, you deserve him.


  13. This “multitasking” argument is a bunch of BS. We’re facing one of the biggest financial crisis in nearly 80 years and I would EXPECT our legislature to work on this!!! WHAT IS NEEDED IS LEADERSHIP!!!!

    Surely, the campaigning and fist debate can be postponsed for a few days. You act as though you got stuck with a pin.

    If Obama did this, you Libs would be applauding and licking it up.

  14. For all you koolaide slugging Obots out here, when you actually start experiencing real life you will find that there are times to multitask, and there are times when your full attention is required. John McCain respects all of us enough to put our future in front of his own ambition. Senator Obama wants to just call this one in, and continue to place his own self interest in front of the needs of the American public. We have been told that credit right now is frozen, that means no paychecks for some of you, now does it matter? Now follow the bouncing ball and try to understand. No credit means no home and car sales, maybe even no college loans. No home sales means loss of work for builders, remodelers, real estate agents and yes even mortgage brokers. This trickles down to other industries, manufacturers of windows, doors and even insurance agents. College professors wont have students to teach, so why pay them? Are you starting to get the picture yet? Yes we have heard of the KEATING FIVE scandel, ( at least get the name right if you want to throw stones. There is a number there for a reason, the other four were democrats. By the way have you found out yet about how much of his investments George Soros pulled out of the markets this time just before they started to crash? He ruined Englands economy already and has now set his sights on ours. He is a big supporter of Obama. I know Dodd has his hands covered in the muck from his lack of doing his job. How manyother dems were just too busy playing partisan politics to have committee meetings? Oh thats rght Obama is one of those that never called a meeting.

  15. Wow, what’s with all the trolls? Hey guys, actions speak louder than words. Guess who’s committing to action right now?

    Btw, not sure why you guys think, “The fundamentals are sound” is a gaffe. Do you have any idea what that means? The fundamentals are GDP, the unemployment rate, production, etc, not the financial sector. The rest of the economy (not the financial sector) is doing fine. It is a true statement. When you mock it, you only demonstrate a weak understanding of macroeconomics.

  16. WOW. Some of ya’all seem so upset that McCain made the right decision.
    Of course, if Obama would have stopped his campaign to go to D.C., you would have hailed him as the true Messiah!
    Let’s face it, the people in the Senate look to McCain because he is the “wise one”. He has been around the block a few times, and has become very respected in the process, on BOTH sides of the asile.
    I know it hurts you to see this, but McCain really does put “Country First”. It is painfully evident that Obama is putting his campaign first, and hoping that no one will notice.
    McCain truely LOVES this country. He shows it everyday.
    Think of it this way… If your child was sick, would you postpone your vacation to take her/him to the doctors to get treatment? Or, would you just go on vacation and be selfish?
    John McCain is seeing to it that his “child”, (the USA) gets treatment.
    I believe he would rather fail to become the President, than see his country fail.

    Now I see Obama is going to DC, but only after the Pres told him to get his ass there by morning.

    So, if some still want a Socialist nation, vote for BO.
    After all, look at how well the other socialist countries are doing with their “income redistribution” and “universal health care”…

    Cuba (I hear everyone loves it there, thats why they float over to the US on rafts)

    China (great health care system, unless your sick)

    Laos (Hear you can buy your very own hut for a song)

    Russia (No one works much there because even if they did, the gov would take away most of their pay, and give it to the slob that wont work.

    Oh, I could go on and on…

  17. Way to go McCain…A TRUE LEADER…who puts his country before personal aspirations for political gain.
    So far as Palin and her abilities…I bet she knows that FDR was not president in 1929 unlike Joe Biden who also thinks the “FDR would have come on TV (which was NON-EXISTANT in 1929) to address the woes of Wall Street which was a result of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac whereas Obama came in second to Chris Dodd is receiving millions of dollars in kickbacks!!! McCain is NOT afraid to debate Obama this Friday night especially on foreign policy!!! This Hillary supporter is one of those 42% who will not be voting for Obama and will definitely NOT be staying home on November 4th!!!

  18. HAHAHAH So I should leave the country now. God!

    You guys know we been in a financal crisis for 3 weeks now.

    Why all of a sudden 2 days before the debate do McCain wants to stop everything and rush to Washington……Oh wait a minute rush to Washington after he is done with some press conference and talking to other people and then heading to Washington.

    What exactly will McCain do in Washington?

    We live in an age where we have telephones, phone connection over the net with video that he couldn’t do in Mississippi?

    Why suspend a debate that will start at 9pm on Friday and last for what 2 or 3 hours?

    There is no reason to stop his campaign or not go to the debate.

    Clearly a stunt. And a way to make Obama look like he is not on the American people side for going ahead with the debates.

    Also I noticed that Obama is ahead in the polls.

    Sorry McSame American people are not buying YOUR BS.

  19. If you were listening to the news,even Fox, the republicans will not go for Bush plan, because they are afraid of their elections in nov—-they wanted Mccain to take a stand so they have someone to blame if it does not work out-he took advantage of this-I think you can go to Washington ,in the senate ,and still get on your jet to MISSISSIPPI by 9;00-unless you cannot concentrate on multiple tasks at one time-if he cannot, he should not be President.Why is he asking for a do over on the date the vp debate is?There are 5 days of next week and we have to do it instead of vp debate? come on-we are not stupid !!!!!

  20. Like I said, if you’re dumb enough to believe him, then you deserve him, just like Bush.

    If he didn’t believe that the “the economy is fundamentally sound” was a gaffe, then why did his handlers and all the “talking point” hacks support his twisted explanation about by “fundamentals” he meant people. Either he knew he was wrong or he lied.

    McCain used to be an honorable person, but he’s sold his soul to the devil to become president, and will say and do anything to that end. Rushing back to Washington is a political move to help his campaign, because there’s nothing he’s going to contribute to a discussion that is close to being done.

    Palin wasn’t even close to his first choice as VP, she was his handlers’ choice. Political choice only!!! And she’s done.

    I think I’ll go with intelligence and honesty rather than lies and more of the same.

  21. to j.

    The last time I checked, a senator had to be on the senate to vote.

  22. Yes they do,but what does that have to do with McCain postponing his campaign or missing the debate?

    And also postponing the VP debates?

    So do Sarah Palin have to be at the voting to since with McCain everywhere he goes.

  23. Intelligence and honesty??? Obama??
    Tell me then why he is trying so hard to hide his relationship with Bill Ayres? The papers from the Annenberg Project are out, and so far, it looks like BO is up to his giant ears in communist activity.
    More is coming out about this, and the October suprise is on YOU!

    Tell me that he never heard Rev Wright’s vulger suggestions during 20 years in the church? With those ears, I’m sure he did.

    How about his economic adviser that got $90,000,000 dollars out of Fannie Mae for 6 years work (and driving that company in the ground) Is he teaching BO how to steal money from the people of the USA, like he did at Fannie Mae?

    How good a con man is BO, getting $130,000 from Fannie Mae in only 3 years in the Senate? (2nd highest “donation” to anyone in the senate) Gee, it took Dodd many more years to obtain that kind of cash from F.Mae.

    The “fundamentals” of the country ARE sound, but Clintons little bill that alowed everyone to get a house, even if they couldn’t pay for it, eventually blew up.
    Bush approached the senate 17 times to ask to oversee F Mae and F Mac….They said “no”.

    McCain drew up 2 bills that would oversee them, and even said this whole mess was going to happen (its on tape), and the senate didnt pass the bills.

    The Democrates were being paid off by both companies to “butt out”, and not oversee their financial practices.

    McCain is the only one to trust.

  24. Obama lost that one. It does happen once in a while. Nobody is perfect. He’s not lucky this week: could not prolong the Iraq war, the economic crisis.

  25. So we going to do the guilt by association thing huh.

    Well how about the Keaton five, McCain adviser “Davis’ lobbying firm, Davis Manafort, was STILL on the Freddie Mac payroll until the end of August, to the tune of $15,000 per month since late-2005.”, McCain’s pastor Parsley and Texas televangelist John Hagee.

    Or how about McCain flip-floppiness

    Where exactly does he stand on?

    But then again he is a MAVERICK.


  26. The Keaton Five was investigated, and McCain was found innocent of everything.
    Obama hasent been vetted at all, and the press isnt even trying to find out what he is all about.
    Thats the difference.

    And, BTW, McCain DID NOT sit in Hagee’s church for 20 years! Hagee endorsed him, but they have NO close relationship, unlike OB and Wright.

  27. I found out something else…

    McCain had only reviewed the 3 page (3 PAGES) Paulson’s plan three days before going to Washington,



    Yea he is really thinking of the American people.

    Great leadership McCain.

  28. Nancy Pelosi said “The democrats are not at fault.”
    Tell me another story Nancy !

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