Americans Trust McCain on Economy, Taxes, National Security, and Leadership

The latest poll numbers from Rasmussen not only show Senator McCain with a lead in the national polls, but show that he dramatically outperforms Senator Obama in the major issue groups such as the economy, taxes, national security, and leadership.  McCain’s lead is in the double digits for both leadership qualities, and national security.

  McCain Obama
Better Leader 
49% 39%
Taxes Will Go Up
22% 45%
49% 45%
National Security
55% 40%
48% 43%

3 Responses

  1. -YES-I wondered how long it would take for people to realize that OB doesn’t know a thing about economics or finance-regardless of the media (not that journalists know any more than obama) the public has started to get suspicious of obama’s many and constantly changing promises-the more obama talks the more people begin to see what he is really like-I hope they interview the bleep out of him and cover every single rally he does—the more you hear him the more you get an uneasy feeling (I started out thinking it was great to see a black man running) YES and thank you

  2. Obama is proposing $1 trillion in new spending. Does anyone seriously believe their taxes aren’t going up? Oh, sure, he’ll find ways to call them something different. But the bottom line is the same: he’ll take your money, and the only change you’ll get is what’s left in your pocket.

  3. John McCain supported the policies that got American’s into the mess we are in now.

    John McCain admist he doesn’t understand much about the economy.

    If elected, McCain, like Bush, will rely on his “consultants” (oil executives, friends, and cronies) that give him advice as they line their own pockets.

    The American people NEED someone who is thoughtful, genuine, and caring. They NEED OBAMA!!!

    Don’t get suckered in to buying that bridge.

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