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Clinton: An Endorsement of the Democratic Party But Not Obama

Hillary Clinton’s convention speech was a stong preformance.  She spoke of the Democratic ideals that she has chamioned her whole life.  Yet while the speech was a ringing endorsement of those beliefs, it wasn’t a glowing endorsement of Barack Obama.  She did what was expected of her in her support for Senator Obama, but her reasoning behind her support was essentially ‘I’m a good Democrat so I support the Democratic nominee’.  There was no talk of Senator Obama’s accomplishments or qualifications.  There was no personal take on why she thinks Senator Obama would be a good president.  Moderate Democrats and Independents who supported Clinton were given little reason to support Senator Obama.  This speech makes Senator McCain’s message of County before party even more poignant, as the reason for Senator Clinton’s support appears to be party loyalty. 

Clinton delegate Ann Price-Mills showed the dilema for the Democratic party faithful.  As she states ‘experience counts’ and some Democrats who can’t see themselves voting for a Republican are left without a candidate that they feel is qualified to become President of the United States.

11 Responses to “Clinton: An Endorsement of the Democratic Party But Not Obama”

  1. Hillary’s trying to keep her foot in so that she can run again in the future. I don’t see her being a loyal Democratic soldier as a bad thing. Hillary might not think that Obama is a perfectly qualified candidate. However, I think that if she absolutely didn’t think that he was a great candidate that she would have found a way not to support him much less speak about him. These delegates need to look at the big figure, unite and not deal with McCain.

    Jose A. Rodriguez

  2. This woman is obviously very daft and uninformed. A true democrat will vote democrat…not sit at home or vote McCain. AS FOR EXPERIENCE: Our country has historically elected generals, first term sentors, and yes…a skinny Illnois lawyer with big ears from a humble background was even elected president. I’m not talking about Obama but Abe Lincoln.

  3. Abraham Lincoln didn’t live in a high rise in Hawaii. He wasn’t raised by a bank vice president. He didn’t attend an exclusive prep school, nor did he attend an Ivy League college or law school.
    So much for a humble back ground.
    Next you’ll tell me his twice married mother, who abandoned him at the age of 10, was a “single mom” on food stamps.

  4. Why should I be a “true Democrat”? If you wanna play the “with us or against us” game, then fine. I am no longer a Democrat.

  5. As a conservative Democrat, I don’t trust Obama. He is weak, confused, and unpatriotic. Clinton had corruption issues, but that pales in comparison to the Second Coming of Carter, which is what Obama will be if he is elected. Thus, I will hold my nose and vote for McCain.

  6. This nominee was chosen by high school students, rappers, and academics. What a joke.

  7. Hooossein needs to play less basketball, and start focus more.

  8. Lincoln was also a Republican who served in the military, and wasn’t afraid of a tough debate.

    There isn’t a politician alive that wouldn’t come up short in a comparison to Lincoln.

  9. Unknown soldier - ‘A true democrat will vote democrat’ - what about a true American? answer that question! I think its time to decide what’s more important party loyalty or the country.
    I think you all know the answer to that. I am a conservative democrat as well and will be voting for McCain. I like Hillary a lot, but presidents don’t legislate, congress does, so the president’s positions at times are meaningless - look at veto overrides etc.
    The president does need to be a good commander in chief - that is in my opinion the most important duty of a president. He controls the armed forces more so than anyone else in the government. I feel much safer with McCain and hope Hillary runs in 2012.

  10. A true democrat would would vote democrat? This is not the democratic party we lifelong democrats signed up for! Thus we are leaving the Obama Party! I will also hold my nose and vote McCain. With a democratic House and Senate and all of the so-called unity BS we are getting now, a President McCain will have to work with them.

    The media and the DNC called for Hillary to drop out from February through June. She’s out! And now you want her to do more than any other democrat to get Obama elected? Why? He can’t get his own votes? Her speech should have been more? Why should she lie? She did what she had to do. ’nuff said.

  11. Stop calling yourselves Democrats then. I’m an independant myself. I’m also a white guy with middle American values who just happened to serve ten and a half years as a soldier in our great Army. I trust no politician really and you so-called “conservative democrats” are a joke. It’s amazing how we forgot all the Clinton scandals of the 1990’s. As a former military guy, I think it is DISGUSTING how McCain keeps using his experience as a POW for political gain. As for Obama, he’s too new for me to form an opinion but I’d rather give the guy a shot at running the country then the other “seasoned” Washington Insiders. Open your eyes people…politicians will tell you ANYTHING to get elected.

    My brother doesn’t like Obama because he’s black. Too many of us are afraid to say it. Frankly, I have to respect my brother’s opinion because he’s honest if nothing else. How many of you feel the same way? How many Hillary supporters are backing her simply because she’s a woman? How many blacks are doing the same? I can honestly say I don’t really care for neither…Obama, HRC, or McCain but I will vote…God Help Us All.

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