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Are These the McCain/Palin Supporters That The Media Is So Scared Of?

During the last debate Senator McCain stuck up for his supporters who attend his rallies and town halls. It struck me as sweet, but unnecessary. If McCain supporters are discouraged by being talked down to, or called names by the media or others we’d all be a fetal position by now. However, having attended a McCain rally and a Palin rally in the last two weeks, it is evident that the media has done a hatchet job in describing these crowds. First, any threat or vile language is inappropriate particularly at event of this size; and I heard none at either. In fact quite the opposite was true. People were extremely friendly courteous and well-behaved. In line at the Palin rally a fellow said, “I think this must be the nicest line I’ve ever been in.”

Yet two incidents in particular stand out as possibly why Senator McCain felt compelled to stick up for his supporters. First, at the Palin rally the crowd chanted on and off ‘Sa-rah, Sa-rah’ for close to an hour prior to Governor Palin arriving. After one of these chants had stopped a little girl maybe five or six years who likely has autism or down syndrome was standing by a partition started quietly chanting on her own ‘Sa-rah, Sa-rah’ bringing a big smile to everyone within earshot.

At the McCain rally some volunteers who had made a number of calls or knocked on a number doors the prior weekend were allowed to go backstage and meet Senator McCain as he came off stage. As we stood in a line a cute little curly haired girl standing with her mother, who had been carrying a teddy bear backpack around, lit up as Senator McCain approached. After taking a group picture Senator McCain said, “there’s my girl” and the little girl ran up to him and threw her arms around him as he bent down to give her a hug. After talking to him and giving him another hug, the little girl had tears in her eyes she was so happy to see him. It didn’t dawn on me till later, but I believe this little girl during the primaries had saved up her allowance for several weeks to give to the campaign because she had heard they needed money.

Now I don’t expect the media to report on cute kids that attend McCain/Palin rallies, and I don’t expect reports on good behavior, but it would be nice if the media didn’t paint everyone with the same brush. Bad behavior is bad behavior, and there is no excuse for shouting inappropriate remarks particularly in a crowed arena. However, assuming that all crowds at all McCain/Palin events either think or act as a very few actually do is misleading and inappropriate. It is also another example of the media campaigning for their favorite candidate by essentially denouncing McCain supporters as a hostile and angry mob. They have cameras at these events, and they know what they are reporting is false.

7 Responses to “Are These the McCain/Palin Supporters That The Media Is So Scared Of?”

  1. Thank you for this article - and you’re right. The two events I’ve been to have been nothing like the media has made them out to be. Everyone was happy, excited, friendly and outgoing. What a shame the MSM has to make stuff up to report against the McCain/Palin campaign. They must be really worried.

  2. This site is obviously NOT “for people in the middle”. And just that lie alone helps you fit in with the neocons. But take a look at your list of “top posts” and the moronic list of juvenile “points”.

    Guess if people believe that wealth is god, that profit is the only goal, that every person is entitled to step all over whomever it takes to get wealth, they can believe in your points.

    Calvinists (and most U.S. christians, especially the fanatics) DO believe that god likes wealthy people better, which explains the “christian work ethic”, trying to LOOK as if a supernatural power favors you and stomps on people who don’t have your advantages. Sick puppies. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not!

  3. Juliet Cannoli - do you believe all the promises that your Messiah blurts out?

    Seriously - every single one of them?

  4. Thanks Mom-IFOZ. I went to several of McCain town halls during the primaries and all those events, and frankly the primary events of all the candidates were attended by very freindly well-behaved crowds. When I heard the negative reports, I wondered if the event attendees had shifted from being pro-McCain to anti-Obama, but the events I attended were as far from hostile as an event can get. The media is full of it.

    Juliet - I’ve been an Independent ten plus years, and I’m a McCain supporter. It’s noted all over this site; I lean a little right on economic issues, and a little left on social issues. - To each their own…

  5. I’ve yet to hear or see anything inappropriate at a McCain Palin rally by McCain Palin supporters.

    We have had a few attempts at infiltration but the NYPD did a good job of leading them back to their demented associates - (the ones mocking McCain’s war injuries, or wearing devil’s horns and pinocchio noses, etc)

    However, the Obama campaign is beginning to appear more of a hijacking than an election.

  6. Palin rally, Indiana, 25,000. 10-17
    Obama rally, Indiana, 20,000. 10-23

  7. Great Blog.

    Thanks for the crowd numbers lkirk.

    For some strange reason, the media thinks Obama is running against Palin. I believe the Democrats are afraid of Palin running in 2012.

    Anyway, It saddens me that a person such as Juliet Cannoli expresses such “hatred” against Christians. Perhaps one can explain to her that the “fanatical” Christians give more of their income, on average, to charitble organizations than those that lean towards the left. Just look at Barack Obama’s history of charitable donations and you will see he gave less than 1/2 the national average. The ones he “claims” to understand gave more. Ironic that poorer people contribute more of their salary than those that are trying to help.

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