Posted by: kmorrison33 | October 28, 2008

Obama Choses His Marxist/Radical Friends Carefully…

In a stroke of irony Senator Obama is quoted from his book as saying “I chose my friends carefully” then goes on to explain his affinity for Marxists. This isn’t to say that Senator Obama is a Marxist, college connections are not always the most politically correct associations of ones life. However, this is when he established a pattern of befriending radical associates that continues to this day. The evidence that Senator Obama is a socialist is solid, Marxism is likely an overstatement on Senator Obama’s views, but yet again Senator Obama has yet to address what his philosophy is and what it isn’t. Clearly his economic policies combine with his radical associations show him as way to the left at best.

From Fox News Obama Affinity to Marxists Dates Back to College Days

“To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully,” the Democratic presidential candidate wrote in his memoir, “Dreams From My Father.” “The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.”

Obama’s interest in leftist politics continued after he transferred to Columbia University in New York. He lived on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, venturing to the East Village for what he called “the socialist conferences I sometimes attended at Cooper Union.”

After graduating from Columbia in 1983, Obama spent a year working for a consulting firm and then went to work for what he described as “a Ralph Nader offshoot” in Harlem.

“In search of some inspiration, I went to hear Kwame Toure, formerly Stokely Carmichael of Black Panther fame, speak at Columbia,” Obama wrote in “Dreams,” which he published in 1995. “At the entrance to the auditorium, two women, one black, one Asian, were selling Marxist literature.”

Obama supporters point out that plenty of Americans flirt with radical ideologies in college, only to join the political mainstream later in life. But Obama, who made a point of noting how “carefully” he chose his friends in college, also chose to launch his political career in the Chicago living room of Ayers, a domestic terrorist who in 2002 proclaimed: “I am a Marxist.”

Also present at that meeting was Ayers’ wife, fellow terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, who once gave a speech extolling socialism, communism and “Marxism-Leninism.”

Obama has been widely criticized for choosing the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, an anti-American firebrand, as his pastor. Wright is a purveyor of black liberation theology, which analysts say is based in part on Marxist ideas.

Few political observers go so far as to accuse Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, of being a Marxist. But Republican John McCain has been accusing Obama of espousing socialism ever since the Democrat told an Ohio plumber named Joe earlier this month that he wanted to “spread the wealth around.”


  1. As the left has been able to capture the academic world and is adept at glomming onto nonprofits we have the horrible situation where anyone from either an academic or activist background will have a very large number of radical ties.

    Obama also has ties with Blue Dog Democrats and people who are sensible. He gave a great speech in the 2004 DNC where he sounded more like a Republican than Bush.

    Having a well spoken chameleon run for office is really frustrating. If he really is a centrist candidate who authentically engages in discourse with the American people, then he will be a good president … or he could be a Chavez.

    I wish we had more information on his actual actions instead of this “no present” nonsense.

  2. oops the last sentence was supposed to say: I wish we had a better record of his actions than his history of voting present.

  3. […] Few political observers go so far as to accuse Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, of being a Marxist. But Republican John McCain has been accusing Obama of espousing socialism ever since the Democrat told an Ohio plumber named Joe earlier this month that he wanted to “spread the wealth around.” Obama Choses His Marxist/Radical Friends Carefully… […]

  4. As someone born in Ecuador with friends and relatives in Latin America, I’m terrified watching how people in the United States are being manipulated just like people in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador to put a Marxist in power.

    The similarities between Rafael Correa’s campaign for president of Ecuador and that of Obama for U.S. president are amazing. Correa had no experience but was young, charismatic and had good speaking skills. Correa’s slogans were the same as Obama’s: CHANGE, YES WE CAN, etc.

    Informed Ecuadorians were not able to convince their clueless compatriots that Correa was a fake and not the young and wonderful savior the media was portraying. They could not compete in ads with the millions Correa had (mostly from unknown sources).

    Once he took over, Correa dissolved Congress and took control of the legislative and judicial powers. In other words, he became a dictator. Ecuadorians are poorer than ever. The CHANGE has been toward Marxism and greater poverty for all.
    It’s now obvious that Correa works with Chávez and terrorists AGAINST Ecuadorians and the United States.

    Most informed Ecuadorians, when they realized the similarities between Correa and Obama, felt confident that Americans could not be fooled as Ecuadorians had. However, it seems many Americans are as clueless as the poorest and most ignorant people in Ecuador or Bolivia.

    I hope it’s not too late and Americans realize that Obama is a Marxists with ties to Islamic terrorists, just like Castro, Chávez, Morales, Correa and Odinga (Obama’s Marxist Kenyan relative).

  5. Antonio - people with a brain realize it, then there are morons like Hevaily and Bill Smith -people that drink kool-aid and believe someone who is basically lying straight to their face but they are too stupid to recognize it.

  6. Antonio - I am going to cut and paste your comment to another website. Come join us there it is: and the other one is

    look forward to hearing more of your valuable input.

  7. […] Pundits who portrayed Obama as a quasi-socialist leader a la Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales can now, officially, piss off. Your patently flawed reasoning, which panders to prejudice at the expense of truth, carries no water. […]

  8. […] […]

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