Posted by: kmorrison33 | October 28, 2008

“You Complain When FOX has the Nerve to Confront Your Candidate with his Own Words”

The Obama campaign has made a stink in recent days about FOX News not being fair to their candidate.  The latest complaint comes from FOX covering a statement from Senator Obama in 2001 about “the redistribution of wealth”.  The McCain campaign brought up this quote on the campaign trail, FOX News asked an Obama spokesman about Senator Obama’s statement.

BURTON: Well, you know, it’s funny because I thought when I saw on FOX News this morning that you, guys, were promoting, you know, this interview and saying that McCain was going to attack, well, McCain actually had not attack and even though the chyron on the screen said, in fact, McCain was attacking us on this, he wasn’t. I thought there, “You know what? There goes FOX News again just doing the same thing that they’ve been doing this entire election.”

KELLY: And then you felt bad when you saw that McCain did, in fact, reference it and that it did hit several Internet sources and TV sources, and you realized, indeed, this is not a fake news controversy. Many Americans actually do care very much about the question of whether Barack Obama has socialist-like policies.

BURTON: I wouldn’t say that I felt bad because this was, indeed, an issue that has been driven by the FOX News Channel, and, you know, look, I think that you played the audio of that interview, which obviously, I appreciate, because it points out that what John McCain was trying to say about it, I think, is by any fair reading just not accurate.

KELLY: You know what, Bill? It seems that when I have you on and we talk about tough issues, issues that maybe potentially tough for your candidate, this is what you do, you blame FOX. You come out with the best defense is a good offense and start ripping on us. 

Read the entire interview and find that Bill Burton never answers the question, but only complains about FOX covering the story. This leads Meagan Kelly to ask, “Your guy is believed to be getting helped by 70 percent of the press corps according to the latest Pew Poll, but you complain when FOX has the nerve to confront your candidate with his own words?”

Exactly!  What many of us find unbelievable about this election cycle is that Senator Obama does not have to answer for his own economic plans, his own statements, or his own associations.  Senator Obama’s economic plan in his own words “spreads the wealth”, but instead of answering why it is not socialism he calls this characterization a smear.  There are many good people who are socialists in Europe, socialism isn’t a smear it is a economic plan, specifically it is a ‘spread the wealth’ style economic plan.  If Senator Obama wants to give up on capitalism and take steps towards socialism as he’s laid out in his economic plan he should have the backbone to say so.  The Obama campaign needs to stop crying victim and answer questions asked of them whether they come from FOX News or Joe the Plumber, and stop hysterically indicting anyone who dares question a presidential candidate.


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