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Israel’s All Out War with Hamas

From Fox News Israel At ‘War to the Bitter End,’ Strikes Key Hamas Sites

In the most dramatic attacks Sunday, warplanes struck dozens of smuggling tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border, cutting off a lifeline that had supplied Hamas with weapons and Gaza with commercial goods. The influx of goods helped Hamas defy an 18-month blockade of Gaza by Israel and Egypt, and was key to propping up its rule.

Gaza’s nine hospitals were overwhelmed. Hassanain, who keeps a record for the Gaza Health Ministry, said over 1,400 were wounded over two days of fighting, and that casualties were now being taken to private clinics and even homes.

Abdel Hafez, a 55-year-old history teacher, waited outside a Gaza City bakery to buy bread, one of the few people visible outdoors. He said he was not a Hamas supporter, but believed the strikes would only increase support for the group. “Each strike, each drop of blood are giving Hamas more fuel to continue,” he said.

In Jerusalem, Israel’s Cabinet approved a call-up of 6,500 reserve soldiers Sunday in apparent preparation for a ground offensive. The final decision to call up more reserves has yet to be made by the defense minister, Ehud Barak, and the Cabinet decision could be a pressure tactic.

Israel has doubled the number of troops on the Gaza border since Saturday and also deployed an artillery battery. Several hundred reservists have already been summoned to join their units, but no full combat formations have been mobilized so far.

Israeli leaders have said the operation might be long. “The goal of our current operation is to … create a situation where Israeli civilians living in the south of the country no longer have to live in constant fear of a Hamas rocket attack,” government spokesman Mark Regev said Monday.

Since Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 after a 38-year military occupation, Israeli forces have repeatedly returned to the territory to hunt militants firing rockets at Israeli towns. But it has shied away from retaking the entire strip for fear of getting bogged down in urban warfare.

Military experts said Israel would need at least 10,000 soldiers for a full-scale invasion.

3 Responses to “Israel’s All Out War with Hamas”

  1. If Hamas had no guns there would be no war. If Israel had no guns there would be no Israel.

    This is entirely the fault of Hamas and the Palestinian people. A sovereign nation is duty bound to protect its citizens. Palestine is not nor has ever been a nation.

  2. we’ll kill israel people that we meet them in the world.they’ve been killed the childrend.the monkey israel is the crime humanism country,f*** you monkey israel people!

  3. These are the sort of comments people need to be aware of. Israel continually faces threats to existance, and the sort of thoughts expressed in the previous comment are why not only does Israel have a right to defend itself it has a need to defend itself.

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