Posted by: kmorrison33 | March 20, 2009

Tea Parties Around the Country Show Distaste for Big Spending/High Taxes

NewsBusters last week reported on the number of Rick Santelli inspired Tea Parties (Taxed Enough Already) are popping up around the country, though they are recieving little media attention.

Despite their lack of coverage, as revealed Sunday, these Tea Parties are springing up all over the country (image courtesy Geldpress):

Let’s count ’em: Cincinnati, Nebraska, Tampa, Lexington, Ridgefield, Conn., Raleigh, Orlando, D.C., Staten Island, Pasadena, Boston, Rochester, N.Y., Jacksonville, Minnesota, Cleveland, Columbus, Mo., Little Rock, Ark., Philadelphia, Kansas City, Harrisburg, Green Bay, Salt Lake City, Fullertown, Lafayette, Boise, Monterey, Maui, Yonkers, Utah, Tucson, Phoenix, Hoboken and Chicago, to name a few.

These tea parties show the grass roots protest against the amount of big spending in Washington.  While news coverage is sparce Instapundit provides pictures of some of these protests, while the following clip shows local news coverage of these events taking hold in cities across the nation.


  1. Republicans, please gather your resources and produce alternative plans. Do NOT vote for this budget. I am a Democrat and I need all of you to stand tall and stop this nonsence. I want my freedoms. I do not want my taxes to rise. I do not want to bail out everyone who can or cannot run their busiess. I do not want to support the government spending. I do not want socialized government. I do not want socialized medicine. Please try to stop this madness. We can not let this happen to our freedoms.
    Carolyn Lane
    Los Angeles, CA

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