Posted by: kmorrison33 | November 5, 2010

Graham: People Don’t Love Republicans - It was Obama Overreach

Greta Van Sustren did a couple post election interviews that provided forthright, honest, at times very blunt assessments of the election results.  One with Senator Lindsey Graham, the other with Senator Orrin Hatch.  Both these Senators have worked across the aisle in the past, and have received heat from there own party for doing so. 

GretaVan Sustren: What did you think about the Presidents press conference yesterday?  Were you  convinced that he was properly chasten because there was a message from the American people; or not?  You shake your head no.

Senator Lindsey Graham:   Well, I just don’t think he understands that it was his policies that got him into this mess.  You know President Obama came in with a wave of hope.  The American people picked this young man, they were hopeful he could change things, and the policies, health care and the process passing health care was everything different than he said it would be.  The stimulus package, the financial regulation bill, the amount of debt, the growth of government – people rejected his policies.  He lost his own Senate seat.  Illinois voted for a Republican, a moderate Republican, how much clearer message can you get/give to the President.  People of Illinois, like him personally, saying you’re going the wrong way.  We want to check and balance you, and I don’t think he understands that. It was policies not personality that got him in this mess. People don’t love Republicans.  It wasn’t like people in Illinois woke one day and said ‘Boy, I’ve been a Republican all these years and didn’t know it.  It’s the Obama overreach.”

Senator Orrin Hatch has been very critical of the health care legislation.  He provides a unique perspective because he has often worked with Democrats specifically on health care legislation like s-chip.  His entire interview is worth viewing, but he provide an amusingly blunt assessment of the health care bill when he said…

“I was going to say it was a piece of crap, but that would not be fair to some people who were very sincere in trying to do what is right.”

Recommend checking out these two interview at the ‘On the Record’ home page.

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