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Media’s Obama-Love Results in Unlikely No Obama Coalitions

As stated in several posts if there is one thing Clinton and McCain supporters can fully agree on it is that the mainstream media is in the bag for Obama. The lack of reporting on Obama flip-flops is a major source of frustration for both Clinton and McCain supporters. It is rarely mentioned that Obama signed a pledge saying he would take public financing before changing his mind. The media glosses over the Senator’s multitude of contradictory statements about Iraq. His change of position on gun control receives little attention. There has been almost no coverage on Senator Obama’s plans to continue President Bush’s faith based initiatives under a new name. With the exception of Jesse Jackson’s cutting remarks, the media has all but forgotten Obama’s associations with controversial clergy members, and other less than admirable associates.

However, the reality of politics is that a campaign rarely points out the flaws and shady dealings of their own candidate. The media’s rose-colored interpretation of Obama in many ways is what has made Obama a viable candidate. They may see their Obama worship as admirable, but Senator Obama remains inexperienced, and in many ways a risky and unknown entity.

In this context it is understandable why the Clinton campaign may have underestimated Senator Obama. How could a candidate with strong 20 year ties to a radical preacher and a church that openly preaches ‘black liberation theology’; who has a good friend and major fundraiser under indictment for fraud; who has zero foreign policy in a time of war possibly win the nomination? The answer turns out to be the press.

Now that the general election is upon us, it is becoming clear to McCain supporters what Clinton supporters already have known, that Senator Obama has not been held accountable for his actions. As all the network news anchors follow Senator Obama to Iraq and Europe, McCain supporters are left scratching their head as Senator McCain’s visit to Iraq last Thanksgiving was not covered by any of the networks at all. McCain supporters suddenly can relate to Clinton supporter’s frustration, as it becomes clear that a victory in November will have to come despite this incredible media bias.

This has formed a somewhat odd alliance of McCain and Clinton supporters. Sites like Nobama Mission, Nobma Network, The No Unity Report, Democrats4McCain, and Clintons4McCain have emerged with the basic understanding that their members and readers may disagree on a variety of issues, but agree that McCain (and/or Clinton) are preferable to Obama. Many of us Independents don’t have qualms about voting for or associating with members of either party, but it is amusing to find under the same umbrella ‘Leftist Lesbian Atheist for McCain’ and ‘Evangelicals for McCain’. Now that’s a broad coalition. The common thread is the recognition that Senator Obama is ill-suited to become President and Commander-in-Chief.

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