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National Review: On Sex-Ed Ad McCain is Right

The media has been livid about the sex-ed ad that the McCain campaign ran saying that Obama supported ‘comprehensive sexual education for kindergarteners’. They have reported the Obama campaign’s statements that said that the bill had to do with teaching kids about ‘inappropriate touching.’ The National Review researched the bill and found out that the Obama campaign and the media are wrong. There is no reference to inappropriate touching, but their is to comprehensive sex education for kindergarteners. The bill states…

Each class or course in comprehensive sex education in any of grades K through 12 shall include instruction on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including the prevention, transmission and spread of HIV.

National Review: On Sex-Ed Ad McCain is Right

4 Responses to “National Review: On Sex-Ed Ad McCain is Right”

  1. Just because the bill states K - 12 does not mean that it will be taught in Kindergarten. K-12 means our public schools. Please stop trying to perpetuate this ridiculous claim that he wanted to teach kindergarten students about HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. As a teacher I can tell you that this would not be taught. It’s ok to back your candidate but this is nothing more than a smear that shows no open mindedness to actual issues.

  2. The bill is what it is. It is accurately quoted, and in fact the article states that the bill was originally intended for grades 6-12 then changed to k through 12. I have no idea what Senator Obama’s intent was in supporting this bill, and frankly doubt that the purpose of his support was to bring sex ed to kindergarteners. However, intent is not the point. This ad has been dismissed as a lie, and has caused the media to outright condemn the McCain campaign. Yet the ad is factual; the bill does much more than address ‘inappropriate touching’. Certainly people don’t have to like the ad, but for the media to condemn it as a lie is irresponsible bias.

  3. No it is not bias it is a lie. The add states his one accomplishment is to teach “comprehensive sex education to Kindergarteners” that is not what the bill states and therefor is untrue, thus a lie. The media is not irresponible for reporting it as such. It is not bias.
    I’m really confused on why you are going down this media bias road. If media bias really is something that upsets you, FOX should be at the top of your outrage list for media bias.

  4. The text of this bill directly states that ‘comprehesive sex education’ could be taught to kindergarteners. I see it as absolute bias/false reporting to say otherwise. The bill was absolutely about expanding the reach of sex education. Fair enough to challenge the statement that it was his ‘one accomplishment’. However, that was not what CNN and others were referring to when they stated it was a ‘lie’. ‘Comprehensive sex education’ is a direct quote and it refers directly to grades K-12, that includes Kindergarten. All I’m asking is that the media particularly CNN is to report objectively. The McCain campaign used 4 direct quotes all with citations. That’s no lie.

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