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Debate Notes to Joe Biden

The Obama campaign consistently denies that Barack Obama said he would sit down with foreign dictators without preconditions.  Senator Biden again said this in last night’s debate.  One more time, here’s the video…

One other clear mistatement refers to clean coal. Senator Biden stated he has always supported clean coal, but again here is his statement from just a couple weeks ago…

3 Responses to “Debate Notes to Joe Biden”

  1. Democratic Party blew it by blocking Hillary. She nailed the answer, she is a better debater and more informed.

    Biden equals gafffe!

  2. Biden cites Katie’s -a Wilmington restaurant that has been CLOSED for 25 YEARS to prove he is down with the regular folks.

  3. That’s hysterical geevil! Do you think the MSM will pick up on that or continue to badger Palin on her dialect?

    I seriously can’t stand to see one more negative add about Palin - the MSM is notoriously persecuting her.

    The AP is the worst - they are so far in the tank for B. Hussein.

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