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Act Against the Unvetted

What many of us are finding troubling about this election is that Senator Obama has been through a two year campaign and still remains largely unvetted by the media. Since the media refuses to do its job, its up to the public to spread the information. Talk to neighbors, email friends, call radio shows, write letters to the editor, and volunteer at your local McCain office. This is the time to calmly and coolly explain to others why you support Senator McCain, and what you find troubling about Senator Obama’s record. Site examples they can look up for themselves such as National Review’s articles on Ayers or ACORN, or like the following piece by Michael Reagan.

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Michael Reagan son of Ronald Reagan wrote a piece entitled Why Ayers Matters that describes some of the most troubling aspects of Senator Obama’s resume, and why they need to be addressed.

If the truth becomes better known — and it will if the Ayers issue is doggedly pursued — it will be clear that Obama was not only deeply immersed the fetid swamp of Chicago’s far-left political scene, but was from the very beginning of his career carefully groomed by the city’s socialist left to follow the path he’s on now in his quest for the presidency of the United States.

Giving credence to the charge that Obama was “groomed by an older generation of radical leftists for insertion into the American political process, trading on good looks, brains, educational pedigree, and the desire of the vast majority of the voting public to right the historical racial wrongs of the [past]” as the American Thinkers’ Thomas Lifson has written:

• Obama belonged to the socialist New Party, described by Lifson as “a radical left organization, established in 1992, to amalgamate far-left groups and push the United States into socialism by forcing the Democratic Party to the left.” A March 22, 1998 article by John Nichols in These Times revealed, “After six years, the party has built what is arguably the most sophisticated left-leaning political operation the country has seen since the decline of the Farmer-Labor, Progressive and Non-Partisan League groupings of the early part of the century.”

• Obama has been allied with ACORN and their Project Vote, the radical leftist group now charged with massive vote fraud aimed at electing Barack Obama president of the United States. Obama has long been directly involved with ACORN. An article by Toni Foulkes of ACORN, “Case Study: Chicago-The Barack Obama Campaign,” which appeared in Social Policy magazine in 2004, Foulkes revealed ACORN noticed Obama when he was organizing on the far south side of the city with the Developing Communities Project. Wrote Foulks: “He was a very good organizer. When he returned from law school, we asked him to help us with a lawsuit to challenge the state of Illinois’ refusal to abide by the National Voting Rights Act … Obama took the case, known as ACORN vs. Edgar … and we won. Obama then went on to run a voter registration project with Project VOTE in 1992 that made it possible for Carol Moseley Braun to win the Senate that year. Project VOTE delivered 50,000 newly registered voters in that campaign (ACORN delivered about 5000 of them). Since then, we have invited Obama to our leadership training sessions to run the session on power every year, and, as a result, many of our newly developing leaders got to know him before he ever ran for office.”

• Obama and Bill Ayers were close associates for years, going back as far as 1995 if not earlier. According to CNN: “A review of board minutes and records by CNN show Obama crossed paths repeatedly with Ayers at board meetings of the Annenberg Challenge Project. The Annenberg Foundation gave the project a $50 million grant to match local private funds to improve schools… Obama was asked to serve as the board chairman in 1995… For seven years, Ayers and Obama — among many others — worked on funding for education projects, including some projects advocated by Ayers … The board, for example, gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Ayers’ small schools project… The funding, according to records… CNN reviewed, came directly from the Annenberg foundation which Obama chaired. While working on the Annenberg project, Obama and Ayers also served together on a second charitable foundation, the Woods Fund.”

No wonder the Obama campaign wants the Ayers connection to be off-limits.

9 Responses to “Act Against the Unvetted”

  1. Please stress that Obama was a member of a SOCIALIST party.

  2. What about Sarah Palin’s association with the American Independence Party? The group’s stated goal is to secede from the United States — a treasonous offense. Todd Palin was a member of this party, and Sarah Palin attended at least two of their conventions and — whoops! — spoke to their convention as recently as this past Summer. The founder of the party, the late Joe Voegler, once condemned the American flag. Where are the questions about whether Palin loves the American flag?

    What about Sarah Palin’s association with the witch doctor, Pastor Muthee, who blessed Palin at her church and prayed for her “finances”? Does Sarah Palin believe in witches? Does Sarah Palin support witch hunts? Does she know who Cotton Mather was?

    What about Sarah Palin’s association with indicted Senator Ted “Tubes” Stevens, whose 527 organization was run by Sarah Palin?

    Then there’s Senator McCain.

    What about Senator McCain’s association with convicted Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy? This is the guy who, on the public airwaves, instructed his viewers about how to kill a federal agent. This is the guy who boasted that he fired a handgun at a cardboard standee of Senator Hillary Clinton. Yet Senator McCain has appeared on Liddy’s radio show numerous times since these statements — as recently as May, 2008.

    What about Senator McCain’s relationship with pastor Rod Parsley, who wants to engage in religious warfare?

    What about Senator McCain’s relationship with anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic pastor John Hagee?

    Should I go on?

    What about Senator McCain’s relationship with his chief campaign advisor Charlie Black who said a terrorist attack would help the campaign?

    What about Senator McCain’s association with Shelley Shannon who is accused of shooting and wounding an abortion doctor?

    What about Senator McCain’s association with Charles Keating? What about his association with Freddie Mac lobbyist Rick Davis — you know, John McCain’s campaign manager? What about his association with the U.S. Council for World Freedom, whose board also included a Nazi sympathizer?

  3. * what about john mccain ? oh, yeah dont you know hes been in the senate for 20+ years. lets stop asking about him and start asking questions about barack hussein obama. Brian C. appears to be a typical obot trying to change the subject from the zero to the hero……….When is your “one” going to answer any relevent questions starting with WHERE WAS HE BORN, OBOT ???????? AND WHEN DID HE ACTUALLY KNOW WHO AYERS REALLY WAS ???? AND WHAT ABOUT HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH ACORN ? AND SAUL ALLINSKY ?????? AND REZKO AND AUCHI ???? YOU ARE A STUPID LITTLE TROLL, ARENT YOU ?

  4. Well played Brian C., well played indeed.

  5. Hey Devil, if Ayers is such a bad guy, why wasnt he ever convicted? Why is he so well spoken of in the education front? Why is he not in prison, much less teaching at a universty?

    Dont bash someone for asking legit questions, oh wait, sorry, I forgot, youre the devil, its the only way you can feel good about yourself. Troll indeed.

  6. Ayers admitted he was guilty and got off on a technicality. I believe the quote from Ayers is, “guilty as hell free as a bird”

  7. John McCain didn’t know Shelley Shannon, she wasn’t just a girl in the neighborhood either. Besides that, Shelley Shannon tried to do a good thing in trying to stop that babykilling abortionist from murdering any more babies. She is a hero and a wonderful human being.

  8. Rev Spitz - It sounds like Shelley Shannon and Bill Ayers are a lot alike. Both using violence in the name of the greater good. Be careful when you condone one act and not the other. You lose a lot of credibility.

    Devil - We know where Obama was born, Hawaii. Why would you doubt that? The facts are out there take a look at them. Also, as the web master says tone down the rhetoric and be polite. Stop yelling at people. It does not mean you are right.

    In addition, for all of you who don’t think he was vetted. He has been running for 11/2 years. Most of the stuff we’ve heard before during the primaries. He has been vetted.

    Finally, I’d like to applaud Sen. McCain for telling his audiences that Sen. Obama is an honorable man and for not letting several in his audience spread hate and lies. We have 2 honorable men running for the highest office in the country. Both men have disagreements on how this country should be run, but they both want the best for the country. McCain is behind and by chastising his supporters does not help his election but does go to help show what type of man he is. Bravo.

  9. The difference is Shelley Shannon was trying to save unborn babies from being murdered by that late-term babykilling abortionist George Tiller.

    SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.

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