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A Good Week for McCain Despite the Media

The media has summed up this week as a bad for McCain because of Senator Obama’s rock and roll world tour. However on issues, the week goes to McCain. Finally, people are recognizing that the surge has worked; a strategy change that McCain championed under challenging circumstances. The media spun Maliki’s statement about the withdrawal of troops to sound like it was an endorsement of Obama, but Obama has been wrong on foreign policy throughout this campaign. Discussions about withdrawals are occurring because of the surge, a surge that Senator Obama will not recognize as a success despite overwhelming evidence. If voters view Iraq and foreign policy with more than superficial interest McCain wins hands down.

The McCain campaign also called out the media for its blatant bias in its new web ad. The media doesn’t like to be criticized, but they’re not even able to deny this weeks Obama love-fest. While continuing attacks on the media may sound like sour grapes to some, it is a reality that needs to be addressed. This week made it abundantly clear to any rational or balanced thinker that the press is in the tank for Obama, and in the long run public recognition of this is a plus for McCain.

It’s hard to deny that there is some frustration coming from the McCain camp and supporters. The obsurdity of the New York Times trying to dictate a candidate’s foreign policy would get on anyones nerves. However, while understandable it isn’t helpful. It gives the media another opportunity to sum up the campaign as angry, frustrated, or not as strong as the Obama campaign.

However, a couple state polls show this race as getting even closer. Rasmussen shows McCain with a ten-point lead in Ohio. A Detroit News poll has Obama up only 2 points in Michigan. While state polls seem to be all over the board, it suggests that the country isn’t as enamored with Obama as the media is, and it’s another good sign for the McCain campaign. The race is extremely tight despite a numerous reports singing Obama’s praises, and that another reason that this is a good week for McCain.

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